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  1. Can someone please direct me as to where I can find which restaurants are included in the price of the cruise? When we went in 2017, we were too overwhelmed to ask about some. Like the Solarium Cafe? Promenade Cafe? Breakfast at Johnny Rockets but not lunch or dinner? What about the ice cream place? We are going on Oasis at end of June 2020 so I’d like to be better prepared this time! TIA,
  2. I absolutely agree. They are suing as a grief coping mechanism because the only other alternative is to blame the grandfather. 1)Why would anyone allow kids to bang against glass? 2) He couldn’t recognize an open window and the air coming through? 3) He was the one who endangered the child by deliberately lifting her up. 4) He was with the child and responsible for her safety. Horrible, horrific situation. I had a neighbor who ran over his own child. How a family gets through something like this, I have no idea. Blaming RCCL I guess is easier than the alternative. RCCL will likely settle. Their alternative is to attack the grandfather in court regarding his actions. Bad optics. Then again, who knows which way a jury would go...
  3. This is our first time using a travel agent, which I decided to do after listening to about 10 podcasts. ?. Well, lo and behold she called me earlier this week. Our cruise went down almost $800!!!! Such awesome news and reinforced to me to always use a travel agent for cruises in the future!
  4. When we sailed on Allure in 2017, we were disappointed that there wasn’t an easy way for the counselors in Adventure Ocean to notify us regarding our son as we weren’t sure how our he would do. They had a few “radios” and we were lucky that they weren’t all gone the first time. Another time, the counselor acted strange and said they couldn’t give them out. We kept going back to check on him every 30 minutes which wasn’t relaxing at all. We are cruising in 2020 and we now wonder if there is a system in place for parental notification. TIA!
  5. Am I the only one calculating calories when everyone is talking drink packages? ?. I’d rather eat my calories!
  6. Hi, Curious. If the 2 adults get the $57 drink package, can we give a bottle of water to our child? I know it’s frowned upon regarding “sharing” alcoholic drinks, but water for a kid? Thanks!
  7. We have only been on one cruise (Allure). We only ate in MDR once night because each of us was in different meal timetable as we often are in vacation. We will be in Oasis next June and have a few other families would are going with us. All very loose, not glued at the hip ?. We don’t want to be locked into MDR at a specific time ever day, but it would be nice to have one dinner together as a group. How would we schedule that? TIA!
  8. We live in EC, too! Small world!
  9. When I go to the web page, they are all non-refundable. How do I see the refundable quotes? TIA!
  10. Hi everyone! I live in Maryland and have only done one cruise, the Allure in 2017, with my husband and son. We are going on the Oasis out of Cape Liberty in June 2020. A friend told me about the podcast which led to the blog. I’m a big vacation researcher, so this has been a goldmine! Also using a travel agent for the first time, which is super strange for me. Love hearing tips and hacks to make everything smoother!
  11. First time poster, so please be kind! Only one cruise under our belt (the allure) and loved it. We prepaid gratuities and plan to do so for our 2020 cruise. I was talking with a friend today who also happens to be a travel agent. She made the comment that she prepays gratuities but depending how many nights they end up in MDR, then she has it adjusted at the end of the cruise. I was shocked. I had never considered that. We only ate in MDR one time because we liked the flexibility of Windjammer. Anyway...has anyone done that before? Is that common?
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