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  1. Thanks for the info. I didn't know about the facial recognition thing. Technology is staggering!
  2. So, on these boards, I have read that if a person buys the digital photo package, then during the cruise, they should have as many photos as possible taken in order to maximize the value. That makes sense. However, I have also read a comment from one passenger who says she only got about 20 pictures in the package even though her group posed for many more, and other people got many more pics ( one person said that they got 133 pictures.) So my question is, can I buy the digital package toward the end of the cruise? The purpose of buying it later would be to make sure we had enough pictures to make it worthwhile. So, is that possible, or do we have to buy it at the beginning of the week?
  3. If Haines is one of your stops, you can go to Moose Horn Laundry. We were in Haines last summer and I went there. For me, it turned out to be an excursion. I took the town's only taxi. He asked me when I wanted to go back, and he was there when he promised. While there, I got to talking with a young couple who live there and got to hear about their adventures in Alaska. On the trip back to port, somehow the conversation between the driver and me turned to hobbies. I mentioned that I love to knit. So he took me to a great yarn shop in beautiful downtown Haines. So I got all clean clothes for our family, spent less than it would have on the ship (and didn't have to wait 24 hours or more), and got to meet some very interesting locals. I don't remember exactly what the machines cost, but it was more than I would have expected. But Moose Horn is clean, neat, and in a beautiful location.
  4. In Galveston, we usually drop all luggage and everyone (except the driver) at the terminal. Then one person parks and takes the shuttle back with no luggage to struggle with.
  5. I've been wondering this. The Deluxe Beverage Package limits a guest to $12 drinks and what you ordered was $13. Did you have to pay the difference in prices? The FAQ tells me that Stars get the "Ultimate Beverage Package" (see screenshot). I can't seem to find the difference between the two. Any insight?
  6. I feel like I have to plan EVERYTHING, which to me is part of the fun. But this is part of being a Star, and I must get used to it (I say as I adjust my tiara.)
  7. Symphony, October 3, 2020
  8. On the water slides, how wide are the tubes? Can some of you share your experience with the slides? I'm a touch nervous, but I do want to try it.
  9. Those do look yummy. Thanks.
  10. You must have been reading my mind. I was wondering about DBP on Coco. Thank you. πŸ˜€
  11. I've only been on a couple of cruises, so I'm a newbie. What are savory bites?
  12. I realize that this isn't precisely on-topic, but I can't seem to find the photo package in the cruise planner. Can someone tell me where to find it?
  13. Hi, everyone! We're going on Symphony, and I LOVE skating. As for the skates that passengers can use, are they the plastic, molded skates or the MUCH more comfortable leather ones?
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