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  1. My husband and I will take our first cruise together (my first ever) for our 15th anniversary next May. Looking forward to a week without the kids, and seeing some gorgeous scenery. I did a lot of research on the ship and itinerary, and I'm really looking forward to all there is to see and do, and perhaps having a slightly more relaxing experience than on the bigger ships. If you are going too, what ports/experiences are you most excited about? Will this be your first time in Alaska? Check out this rad promo video! ; )
  2. Hi! We live in Myrtle Beach, and have been to Charleston a couple of times. If you like ships, the aircraft carrier is really cool. Also, the aquarium is nice, and more educational that the one in Myrtle Beach. Also, try Jeni's Splendid Ice cream, the name says it all! Haven't seen much of the historic parts, as the kids were interested in other things. My husband and I will go in a couple weeks alone, and hope to see the museum, market, etc.
  3. I've just noticed the ferry from Haines has a "rail and sail" package that gets you round trip ferry passage and a summit train ticket for $183 (as of 2019), so that saves about $25 vs buy tickets separately. It's only good from Haines, however.
  4. I've been wondering about the same thing! We are booked on Serenade May 15-22, and Haines is my biggest question mark for excursions. I think the train would technically be possible, since we have 8-9 hours on shore. The fast ferry costs $74 or so round trip, and takes 45 minutes each way. Then the train costs $134 for the summit tour and takes about 3 hours. Not sure when the Ferry runs, though I'd assume it starts fairly early and makes several trips a day. The train seems to run almost every hour from 8am to 4pm. The ferry itself could be interesting as they say on the website you travel th
  5. Why did no one tell me sooner! I've had coke products in many countries (and the global varieties are different), but I'd take any version of Coke over Pepsi anyday! Good thing our cruise is booked for Royal! : )
  6. We booked it! Let's hope for the best : ) I'm sure we'll be to tired in the evening to care after adventuring all day! It's cabin 7658. I'll let y'all know how it is!
  7. Wow, thanks! That's a great resource. It's definitely good for planning.
  8. Hi! I'm a first time cruiser looking forward to an Alaska trip mid-May 2022, and I'm concerned about noise levels on the back half of deck 7 on Serenade of the Seas. I'm a somewhat poor travel sleeper, and may be especially due to the time difference (I'm from the East Coast). We have a wonderful deal on a cabin on deck 7 with a larger balcony, but I'm not sure if being above the bars/lounges is worth it. Would a cabin over the specialty restaurants be better (normal size balcony)? Thanks!
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