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  1. Hi everyone, I am leaving on my very first cruise tomorrow (starting the drive today) and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Matt, and everyone else here! I feel so confident going into this cruise. Between these message boards and Matt's live videos, I had all of my questions answered. This community is so positive and it just makes me that much more excited for my vacation! So again, thank you so much and happy cruising to you all
  2. I checked Dollarama and couldn't find any there. Amazon is probably your best bet. Add some luggage tags to your cart too and you're good to go
  3. I got my room assignment 15 days before my cruise but could see my deck and muster station much earlier than that.
  4. I plan on using cash instead of credit card to set up my onboard account. On RC's website it says: The account can be set-up with either a credt card, debit card or as a cash account during check-in or at the pier. Does this mean we set it up before even stepping foot on the ship? Or is it once we get on the ship, and go to Guest Services?
  5. So is the WJ coffee bar extra then? Or included?
  6. Hi everyone, I am debating purchasing the cafe select coffee card for my upcoming cruise aboard Anthem. The reason being I like to have a good cup of coffee in the morning, and an ice coffee in the afternoon. So I do think this would be a good deal for me. I have heard the free coffee served on board is *ahem* less than perfect. My question is, If i want to wake up and have a really good cup of coffee, am I going to have to go and get it myself from one of the shops? My second question is about dining. It's just my bf and I on this cruise and we have selected My Time Dining and made rese
  7. I would like to do this as well. BF and I don't drink, and don't care for the bar/club scene. So heading back to our room to watch a movie or read a book is right up our alley.
  8. Hello, Going on my first cruise aboard Anthem in November. What exactly do I need to bring in order to board the ship? I understand there are luggage tags, set sail pass, I also have eDocuments and of course I will have my passport. Please tell me what is and isn't necessary! Thank you
  9. I will be sailing on Anthem of the Seas in November. My boyfriend and I have each downloaded the app, but we can't figure out how we would message each other on it. Are we missing something or is this feature not available yet? Do we need to wait until we're on board?
  10. Are the massages on board provided by registered RMTs? I am wondering if I can submit an insurance claim to get reimbursed. I should mention I am from Canada, and have coverage for massages.
  11. Hi, can anyone tell me what the free beaches are like in Nassau? Junkanoo, Cable, Cabbage, Jaws, etc? I'd like to know about quality and transportation to and from. Thanks!
  12. I will be on Anthem of the Seas and we will be the only ship
  13. I'm very torn right now. I have purchased the waterpark passes for my day at CocoCay. They cost me $82 CAD each. Fortunately my onboard credit covered the majority of the cost. However, I am now having doubts as I've seen people having issues with long lineups. Apparently, they can get very very long. I realize the solution to this is to go first thing in the morning, and last thing before it closes. The only issue I have with that is then I will have paid $82 each for basically two hours of enjoyment at the waterpark. Should I cancel and do other things? I like being active so a day spent
  14. Thank you for all this helpful info! Do you know what time the waterpark closed? I'm just wondering what time is best to go back to it one last time before the ship leaves.
  15. I, too, am afraid of flying which is why I booked a cruise in the first place. I wanted to be able to see the Bahamas without ever stepping foot onto a plane! And now I will for the first time ever in November
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