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  1. For US, it depends on the length of our cruise. On our 3-4 night cruises, we don't do specialty dining. On our "longer" cruises, we have done the BOGO dining if it's available. But honestly, the MDR is great food (IMO) and there is more than enough and we've never left unsatisfied. Also, the Windjammer is a great option for those who like buffets.
  2. #lifegoals But seriously...we I should live like this all the time then when we're I'm cruising, it's just natural. 🙂
  3. You could always head to Windjammer or somewhere else, depending on the ship, and get a little smackerel of something and take it to your stateroom. 😊
  4. how much extra does it cost to get it IN the pineapple? bucket list item...sitting somewhere, on a beautiful beach, in the sun, under a palm tree, sipping a pretty drink out of a pineapple...🍹
  5. Ok...so does anyone KNOW if these new cups are insulated? I think they are ugly and cheap looking, but if they're insulated, we will use them...just needing to know. I read the blog article and saw the photos, but I cannot find where nayone said whether these new ones are actually insulated or not...
  6. Does anyone have current pics of these things since the opening of CocoCay in the past, recent weeks? Specifically, WHERE they are located? and how close they actually are to each other?
  7. I know I could easily spend a whole day at Disney Springs. If, heaven forbid, I EVER went to Orlando and for some terrible, AWFUL, reason COULD NOT GO TO WDW, I would and could definitely spend the day at DS. But basically, it's JUST an outdoor mall. It's a Disney mall...which is why I could spend the whole day. I would think this would be the better option for someone wanting to excursion at Port Canaveral.
  8. Also breakfast is available in the MDR and is a mix of buffet and/or order from a menu.
  9. We've done it. It makes it easier for booking things together like others have said...I book everything myself and linked them myself...but you can always call RC or your TA.
  10. same. literally. i have some really good friends who are TA and I just like doing it myself.
  11. somewhere in the past few days I saw someone had posted formal night "usuals"...it's "Usually" night 2 on shorter cruises and nights 2 and 5 or 6 on longer cruises. I am sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Also you can check past cruise compasses for your similar cruise to find out.
  12. AHHHH, yes...however, I did what I often do and responded without reading all the rest of the comments. oops. LOL
  13. the virgin drinks or mocktails are included in the "Refreshment Package" of the drink packages...
  14. Navigator OTS July 8, 2019 and Harmony OTS November 17, 2019
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