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  1. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/04/10/royal-caribbean-adds-group-chat-feature-app
  2. The messaging feature is currently ONLY available on Harmony and Allure. Other features are available for those other ships... But, Royal IT it not reliable or up to date. Once you are on the ship, things will be more accurate, but from what MANY on this forum say, it's really not to be fully trusted even then. Rely on your Cruise Compass once on board.
  3. I am very prone to motion sickness. I am also claustrophobic, afraid of heights and afraid of water I cannot see/touch the bottom of. I SWORE I would NEVER cruise... THEN, my brother and I bought our parents a cruise for their 50th Anniversary...and parents wanted us to go with them...so THEY bought OUR cruise. LOL On that cruise (a 4 night Bahamas cruise that left from Orlando in an interior cabin), I took Dramamine non-drowsy every day...knowing ahead of time that I tend to get motion sick...and I didn't want to be sick on the cruise. I was MISERABLE the whole time...not with motion-sickness necessarily, but just generally feeling "off". I did NOT enjoy that cruise. I just didn't feel like myself. I even told my hubby and the others we were with that when i tell them, somewhere down the road, "Oh, it wasn't THAT bad...we can go on another cruise..." I WANT them to remind me how TERRIBLE I felt on that cruise. So two years later (LOL)...hubby and i went on another cruise (6-night Western Caribbean that left from Ft. Lauderdale, balcony room) ONLY after I did some TONS of research...I read somewhere that taking the non-drowsy Dramamine MIGHT have been the whole problem. So, on our second cruise I didn't take it each day. I just went and packed some to take with me "just in case". The only time I ended up feeling sick was after an excursion day in port where we rode a charter bus all day. That evening, back on the ship, I was a bit sea sick...So, i took dramamine and was perfectly fine the next morning. We cruised again last December...didn't need the Dramamine AT ALL. Not one time. Having the balcony room also helped. It helped me not feel so claustrophobic. I won't lie and say I don't ever feel the ship moving. But it's not an uncomfortable feeling and it hasn't been to the point of making me feel sick. And most of the time, I DON'T feel it. Honestly, everyone who tends toward motion sickness feels and deals with it differently. I have had such a great time on our cruises, and we will likely cruise for the rest of our lives.
  4. I am not disagreeing with any of these...just agreeing with "After 25 cruises I have issues finding answers to certain things. @Matt's blog is the greatest resource form any cruiser." I will say about the Royal Up program. I've read lots and even bid once...being this close to your cruise, you won't be able to do anything with it.
  5. If you know you will want the package, go ahead and buy it. If/when the price lowers, you can cancel and rebook at the lower price.
  6. it's been an issue for me...tried what @Matt said and still having issues...in 2 different browsers...all day...
  7. i see what you did there! LOL
  8. Not required, no. It's a suggestion. There are several threads here about dining attire. There will be people dressed to the 9's...and others, not.
  9. I am the same here. When I am on vacation, I prefer to be waited on. I dislike buffets even at home, so I don't enjoy the chaos of it on vacation. In real life, at home, I do all the cooking, setting the table, serving the humans, etc. So on vacation, I don't want to do that. We've done a couple specialty restaurants and I don't really think they're special enough to do with the extra cost on a short cruise. However, on a longer cruise I would totally do them again, one or two nights.
  10. From what I understand that’s not always a given. When you do your online check-in you’ll be able to see where your muster stations are.
  11. I believe the main issue will be Sea Pass cards are "keyed" to the room you're booked in, so if someone swaps, that would mean needing to get different room key cards?
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