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  1. while on Adventure of the Seas in March, had no issues making wifi calls and texts through voom on an at&t phone, no extra charges and it worked great on voom surf. Your mileage may vary.
  2. I have no experience with this excursion, but have been to Grimsey Island aboard a small ship out of Dalvik (3 hour trip each way) Having experienced that mode of travel, flying would probably have been preferred by most who were onboard (high winds and sea, most were seasick). Lots of puffins on the cliffs northwest of "town". The arctic circle monuments (2 of them) are classic photo targets. A very cool place, very friendly and helpful residents, and I hope to return some day. But not much to do there compared to Akureyri, which is a very cool place also. Grimsey is laid back and great for watching/photographing birds. Akureyri is not a big city, but more "civilized", with more sights to see and things to do. And I am envious of your sailing! What an awesome itinerary!
  3. oh boy, this made me LOL and i'm very glad I didn't have soda in my mouth! now THAT'S funny!
  4. we sail 3 months from today, and we're excited and hopeful that the current situation on Ovation improves soon
  5. Ovation has only made one voyage to Alaska this season and is currently entering the inside passage for the second time this season, completely different routes/itineraries for each, so there is not a wealth of historical data to explore. My take is that it will be a wash either way, no matter which side you are on, but I've never been there before. I will defer to experienced cruisers. @twangster?
  6. you took the words right out of my head we sail out of Seattle and must complete ArriveCAN before getting on board the ship on cruise day 4 we arrive in Skagway , drive to the Fraser, BC customs station on the way into the Yukon, then back onto the ship at Skagway 3 days later, on cruise day 7, we visit Victoria must we enter information prior to boarding in Seattle, again before arriving at Fraser, and again before arriving at Victoria? "no more than 72 hours before entering Canada" (twice)...plus before getting on the ship it is all very confusing
  7. a mad search on the web from the terminal parking lot! we disembarked at 7:30 and spent a couple of hours getting coffee and roaming around downtown before walking back to the terminal to board the shuttle at 10am
  8. in March, we pre-booked uber from IAH to the cruise terminal on boarding day ($75, 2 passengers) but no such luck when we returned, the app said not available. But, I didn't try pre-booking ahead of time. We had to use Galveston Limo's shuttle to IAH, which cost twice as much as the uber coming to the terminal. Next time I will try pre-booking uber.
  9. yes, for the level of detail that was desired, a premium subscription is required but, mission accomplished! it was a bit disappointing when matching the route with the itinerary (not as much daytime inside passage time/mileage as hoped for), but a future cruise on a smaller vessel may remedy that; Ovation is a big ship though not our first cruise, this was the first we ever booked and it is a group cruise with many friends, so...it is what it is and we will have a blast anyway; we are still excited
  10. Thanks for the suggestion! That will suffice nicely. I'll watch for sailings of the same itinerary.
  11. Can anyone here provide detailed route information for Ovation sailings out of Seattle up the inside passage and back? Marine chart detailed route information is what is requested, not just general information. Can anyone suggest a known source of such information? Does anyone have a gps track of this journey on board Ovation that they would be willing to share?
  12. we were very bummed about the cancellation of the train excursions into Canada but chose to independently rent a jeep for the day instead (not through RCCL) diyjeeptours.com also known as Alaska Green Jeeps
  13. on a March sailing on Adventure in the western Caribbean, Voom surf was great, good enough to make wifi phone calls back home
  14. not to hijack the thread, but we're also booked into the Mediterranean pre-cruise and plan to use the light rail and the monorail from SEATAC to Seattle Center, then uber or walk the remaining blocks, depending on weather thanks for the heads-up about their shuttle to the terminal
  15. I just checked prices for Voom and an excursion in Juneau (August sailing) both had been placed in the cart some time ago, but not yet purchased sale price today saved me hundreds of dollars over the previous cost in the cart, so I removed both and made the purchase very pleased with the result
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