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  1. and THAT is exactly why i don't do buffets in real life, let alone on a cruise...
  2. because i live with a 17yo DS, i will NEVER choose pizza while on a cruise...because when I'm cruising, i'm taking a vacation from pizza...If others go there, I always get something NOT pizza.
  3. #teamescargot the reason I cruise. LOL
  4. My mom and I are looking forward to this! Thanks for everyone's feedback!
  5. Thank you for this review! My mom and I are (hopefully) cruising in April 2021 for our 75th and 50th birthdays...and we're looking for a nice beach the day we're in Cozumel...question...if you reserve this...can we go anytime? Like if we wanted to walk around Cozumel for a bit before heading there, is that doable?
  6. April 22-26, 2021, Brilliance OTS
  7. Just booked a cruise for my mom and I for next April. Our birthdays are 12 days apart. She'll be 75 next year and I'll be 50. We're celebrating with a Mother/Daughter birthday trip to Cozumel on the Brilliance! I'm so excited to start exploring these boards again!!!
  8. am i the only one who wishes I had the time and a bit of extra money now to go on one of the cruises that people are now NOT going on? do you think they'll drop prices to try to get others to cruise as people cancel?
  9. @andy keep in mind the Refreshment package includes the specialty coffees at Cafe Promenade, bottled water, fresh squeezed OJ at breakfast also... ?
  10. I hope it's ok to tag along on this thread...but these photos are STUNNING. I never imagined anything like that on a ship in the ocean! I would think that all that greenery could help with motion sickness...maybe mimic being on land? Are the Oasis class ships the only ships with this greenery? Are the CP balcony rooms usually less expensive than the ocean view balconies? And what is the difference between Central Park balconies and Boardwalk balconies?
  11. These are the exact ones we purchased...they were perfect...made for RC tags... https://smile.amazon.com/GreatShield-Luggage-Weatherproof-Caribbean-Celebrity/dp/B074T36FS1/ref=pd_bap_rp_14?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=B9K12FMJW7H181RQPZGR I brought a lanyard from the line of jewelry I sell. My son and his friend bought theirs at Dollar Tree. Hubby carries his SeaPass card in a pocket...
  12. I packed perfectly this time...just got home yesterday from the Navigator...I have always taken way too much...pared it down this time and took 26" hard-sided roller case.
  13. I am a church secretary within a large denomination...I currently get 2 weeks paid, 3 starting January, +2 paid personal days, +11 paid holidays, and I only work Monday-Thursday.
  14. We only ever eat breakfast in the MDR...buffet is great and you can also order from a menu...(eggs benedict are my fave breakfast food)...
  15. Just got off Navigator...I only drink the "tap" water at all my meals AND get it throughout the day...it's totally fine. I haven't had any issue on any of the ships we've been on...
  16. Honestly, I can be VERY overwhelming. We are preparing for our 4th cruise and I am always overwhelmed. This is a great place to start finding answers/ideas. I only JUST bought magnetic hooks for this upcoming cruise. There are tons of ideas for using them. For me, it's a place to hang extra things I don't want on the floor or on the desk...like lanyards with our sea passes, using them as just magnets for the daily cruise compass or other paper items we want to be able to see/access, swimsuits off the floor, towels off the floor. I think most things like the trivias, etc. from what I've read here might take 45 minutes to an hour or so. Someone else will chime in here who has more experience with those. The compass can also be overwhelming, but so helpful. Just find one that is a similar itinerary as yours and just familiarize yourself with wording/times/venues/etc, then don't worry about it too much more. It was so helpful for me to see one before our cruise so I felt like I had more of an idea of those things so it WASN'T as overwhelming as it would have been if I had just showed up onboard and gotten this gigantic document. What ship are you sailing on? On each of our cruises, I've been able to find quiet spots to relax/get away from crowds. I struggle with some crowd anxiety, non-medicated, but I can get to the point where I just need to GET OUTTA THERE. It's helpful that we cruise in balcony rooms for times when I just need a quick getaway. We have been to Cozumel twice and I love it. I might be in the minority. I enjoy walking around town (after taking a taxi). We have eaten at 2 different restaurants and shopped. But we've not done a paid excursion. You have enough time to do your research to get comfy with your ship/ports and have questions answered. Make sure you keep up with this site. DON'T join any FB groups. They are full of drama and people not giving sound advice (IMO).
  17. I wouldn't do an "excursion"...I'd lay on the beach...actually, that is my plan next week!
  18. Not really. Depending on the ship, the Cafe Select card is for the 'specialty' coffees in the Cafe Promenade, espresso based coffees, like Lattes, cappuccinos, etc.
  19. Welcome @JennyJenny Those magnets that @Skid linked are what we bought. Our first cruise with them is Monday. I'm hoping to be able to get more things off the floor and desk area.
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