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  1. Can I assume this is usually on a sea day?
  2. I use lanyards because most of my cruise clothes don't have pockets. I use pretty ones that look like necklaces. ...and luggage tag holders we use so our tags don't rip off..
  3. This close to a Harmony cruise, could be sold out...just keep checking online...and also others might be on your sailing and could answer also...
  4. We've only been on 4 cruises, but 3 of them have been in the last quarter of the year and we've never had any bad weather, not even rain, except for a sprinkle in Cozumel that didn't even get our shirts wet... But as I understand and as others have said, the captains can steer clear of hurricane weather and/or ports can be cancelled/changed...but it's honestly, IMO, just like any other vacation no matter where you go...you take the change of bad weather everywhere... I say, go and enjoy yourself. Make the best of whatever weather you have. I won't be jealous that you're going without me. LOL.
  5. There will be signs when you get there to show you where to go...
  6. As @Matt stated above... "Bottom line, security cant verify every power strip is or isn't safe. So they confiscate them all. "
  7. We did this for our last cruise and an extension cord and water was in our stateroom when we got there, no charge...this was also pre-pandemic.
  8. technically it's not allowed, but that doesn't mean someone didn't get one on and it was possibly missed by security...
  9. Basically, if you think you want the beverage packages, just go ahead and book them. Then when the price lowers during a "sale" or for whatever other reason Royal might have, you can always call RC and rebook at the lower price. But it also freezes you into that initial price you paid if it goes up.
  10. I mean, I'd rather get it AFTER the cruise and not while ON the cruise. But please know I just prayed for you. That is all.
  11. small fan. phone for photos only. other than that i'll just buy anything else i'd need. just get me on a ship.
  12. I was asking just because I was reading through the first few comments on this thread and then started to wonder.
  13. When you book through a TA, if you have your reservation# and other info from the TA, can you not access your cruise info on royalcaribbean.com? This is a valid question. I am truly curious.
  14. I personally have not seen pre-cruise sales in the Spa, but they do run "sales" on board...usually it's not really a "sale" as much as it might be a package of more than one thing at a "discounted" price...hubby and I did a couples massage on our 25th anniversary cruise and it was discounted but not enough that we will ever do it again on a cruise!
  15. According to this old comment on a similar post, not on Brilliance... but maybe someone more recently traveled can answer...
  16. I think it's definitely something you could ask RC about? We've requested small fans before...
  17. ooohhh...great question...I'll be following! We were just talking about this also!
  18. I'm quoting @AspiringCruisePlanner in agreement. We asked about this when we took our cruise with our 2 16yo boys, they were in the connecting room and we couldn't combine that into 1 suite for all 4 of us if we RoyalUp'd.
  19. 4 kids? Oasis. Hands down. Larger, more to do. Without the kids? I'd do whatever would give me more days on the ship. LOL
  20. With the exception of our first cruise, we have only ever done My Time Dining and every single time we had the same table and server no matter what time we chose for dinner. I honestly think they try their best to seat you at least in the same server area if possible, but that is really just my opinion about that.
  21. #sharethecoffee But seriously you can use them. Give one away. Some espresso based drinks might use more than one depending on how many espresso shots are used in the drink...
  22. PreCovid they were in our stateroom when we got there.
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