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  1. I mean, I'd rather get it AFTER the cruise and not while ON the cruise. But please know I just prayed for you. That is all.
  2. small fan. phone for photos only. other than that i'll just buy anything else i'd need. just get me on a ship.
  3. I was asking just because I was reading through the first few comments on this thread and then started to wonder.
  4. When you book through a TA, if you have your reservation# and other info from the TA, can you not access your cruise info on royalcaribbean.com? This is a valid question. I am truly curious.
  5. I personally have not seen pre-cruise sales in the Spa, but they do run "sales" on board...usually it's not really a "sale" as much as it might be a package of more than one thing at a "discounted" price...hubby and I did a couples massage on our 25th anniversary cruise and it was discounted but not enough that we will ever do it again on a cruise!
  6. According to this old comment on a similar post, not on Brilliance... but maybe someone more recently traveled can answer...
  7. I think it's definitely something you could ask RC about? We've requested small fans before...
  8. ooohhh...great question...I'll be following! We were just talking about this also!
  9. I'm quoting @AspiringCruisePlanner in agreement. We asked about this when we took our cruise with our 2 16yo boys, they were in the connecting room and we couldn't combine that into 1 suite for all 4 of us if we RoyalUp'd.
  10. 4 kids? Oasis. Hands down. Larger, more to do. Without the kids? I'd do whatever would give me more days on the ship. LOL
  11. With the exception of our first cruise, we have only ever done My Time Dining and every single time we had the same table and server no matter what time we chose for dinner. I honestly think they try their best to seat you at least in the same server area if possible, but that is really just my opinion about that.
  12. #sharethecoffee But seriously you can use them. Give one away. Some espresso based drinks might use more than one depending on how many espresso shots are used in the drink...
  13. PreCovid they were in our stateroom when we got there.
  14. This is enough to make me go ahead and plan another cruise JUST to go through this list top to bottom... #goals LOL
  15. Usually the 2nd night...you can look at past Cruise Compasses as a similar itinerary to yours and get an idea...and there may be more than one depending on the length of your cruise.
  16. It's added when purchased...the only thing that might be more is if you wanna tip the bartender at the moment you get a drink.
  17. It can really be used anywhere on the ship and at Coco Cay and Labadee... You can get bottled water in every bar, you can get the specialty coffees (not at Starbucks), all mocktails and sodas, fresh squeezed oj in the MDR at breakfast, and I have also gotten it in the Windjammer... Personally is it "worth it" for me? Yes. Why? 1. because it's paid for in advance so I can just enjoy my cruise and not worry about how much I'm paying. 2. I will typically drink 2 espresso based drinks in the morning, grab a bottled water or two throughout the day, have at least 1 mocktail by the pool (actually probably more than 1). 3. The Coca Cola Freestyle machines have tons of drink options...not just sodas... 4. because it's prepaid I don't worry about what I can and can't have on the cruise so I'm not stressing about it. (same as #1) LOL. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-is-the-refreshment-package
  18. We took a cruise the summer before Covid with our 16 year old boys and didn't do any specialty dining. We ate in the MDR every evening. Our boys enjoyed dressing a bit nicer, khaki pants, dress pants, button down shirts (you know, instead of basketball shorts and t-shirts, LOL). And the food was amazing and our server was amazing. We tend to be foodies on vacations and we have NEVER had a sub-par meal in the MDR. But I also know that everyone is different and has different expectations for vacations and food.
  19. but also remember you can take cans with you on board if you want a favorite drink... https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/food-drink-onboard-policy "Guests may also bring non-alcoholic beverages as carry-on items on boarding day. Non-alcoholic beverages may not exceed 12 standard (17 oz.) cans, bottles or cartons per stateroom."
  20. I follow a YouTube couple who did Wonderland in the past and the husband has some sort of "water animal" allergy and was able to still enjoy it.
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