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  1. Does anyone have any inside info on a possible Memorial Day Sale?
  2. Good Day Everyone, I have a question about the itineraries that Royal offers out of Galveston. I realize that under the current economic conditions that certainly cost of offering additional itineraries plays a major factor. With that said and knowing that we are only a short time away from the opening of Royal’s new terminal in Galveston, is there any chance that Royal will add any new sailings to the schedule? Carnival currently offers 7 day trips to Jamaica and Grand Cayman and has done so pre COVID. I can’t help but to believe that after committing so many millions on a new terminal, that some different itineraries aren’t in the works? Thoughts?
  3. Hello Everyone! My wife and I are confused on how the cabin discounts work each time you reach a new member level. We were gold pre Covid and when Royal offered the “double points promotion” we jumped! We currently are Emerald and hope to be D+ by the end of this year. What is the process needed to make sure we are getting any C&A discounts each time we reach a new level? Or, is there really such thing? Also, does anyone know how or what I should look for on my invoice in order to know if it’s already been applied? I’m getting different stories from different reps and would greatly appreciate someone educating us!
  4. We have a family cruise set for next week (12/20/2021) on Adventure of the Seas from Galveston. One daughter in law’s passport has her maiden name while her vax card has her married name. Her and my son are booked under his last name. How much of a problem is this and what’s the quickest and simplest path to make sure we don’t encounter? Thanks in advance for any help cleaning this up!
  5. Was told by bar staff it was do to supply issues.
  6. Was informed yesterday by bar staff that Mariner of the Seas is completely out of Pina Colada mix day 1 of a five day cruise! No Lava Flow???? We truly are living in the last days!!!!
  7. Currently on Mariner for a 5 day and was informed by staff that we are just shy of 3000. 800 of which are children.
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