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  1. We were recently there on the Allure and took the “Old and New San Juan” excursion. Included a variety of sites in a short period of time and the guide was very informative. Our party of 4 enjoyed it!
  2. We were on Allure earlier this month and we didn’t feel anything related to the propulsion issue. The only way you might suspect there was any issue at all was when looking at the wake from the back of the ship! We went to San Juan (it was a scheduled stop) and loved it! Went on an excursion so we got a glimpse into different areas and places. Made us want to return just to San Juan someday!
  3. We were on the far end...not too busy at all, because we didn’t rush over as soon as we were told it was open. So, I don’t think that was the reason it was lackluster.
  4. We were in Labadee this past Friday and had reserved two of the beach loungers for the four of us. We got off the ship early and went directly to the check-in hut. We gave them our “ticket” and were given wristbands. We asked for the front row and the gentleman said he would give us a good spot. He took us to the front row and presented us with side by side loungers. We gave him an extra $5 per lounger to thank him and he was most appreciative! Later, when lunch was ready, he came over to advise us and to ensure that he would keep an eye on our spot while we were gone. We loved Labadee! It was really beautiful. Note: don’t forget to take water shoes...bottom of ocean was very rocky.
  5. You’d think so, huh? Just got back from Allure of the Seas. After the afternoon performance of Blue Earth, you wouldn’t believe how many popcorn boxes (and uneaten popcorn) were strewn all over the chairs and floor. So sad.
  6. On our recent Allure of the Seas Cruise, we had the refreshment package and ordered, and enjoyed, virgin strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas and lava flows. Yum!
  7. Were in Labadee this past Friday (Allure of the Seas). It was nice that a free buffet was available, but I really wasn’t that impressed. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad..I had just expected more after reading some of the reviews here.
  8. Just read about this and am disappointed for those that missed or may miss this port. We were there this past Thursday on Allure of the Seas and it was our favorite port. Hope things get better soon. It’s such a beautiful place.
  9. We just got back from Allure of the Seas and went to Sorrento’s numerous times...the pizza was always delicious! As was the antipasti! Only negative...walking by Sorrento’s, smelling the delicious aroma of fresh pizza, and being too full from dinner to partake! ?
  10. Thank you, Jane! First time on the Allure and I can’t wait! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to go on a cruise!
  11. My first cruise was with my mom on a ship from Dolphin Cruiselines. Can’t recall the name. It was in 1982. I was 25 (mom was 52) and we went with a group of senior citizens from the mobile home park my mom moved to after my dad died. Went to the Bahamas during hurricane season. Oh my goodness...what an experience! After a show in one of the ports, we had to walk in ankle high water to get to the shuttle to get back to the ship! Ahhh...memories! First Royal Caribbean ship was the Viking Serenade in 1998! Much, much better!
  12. Enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. We cruise a week from Sunday (July 7th) on the Allure! Have been planning this vacation (flying into Ft. Lauderdale Friday night before the cruise) for so long, and buying new things along the way. Lost track of all my new “must-buys” and now I have more outfits than actual vacation days. ? So, now it’s time to decide what I can’t live without and what I can live with leaving at home. Wish me luck!
  13. It’s a shame you didn’t look at this Blog prior to attempting to make your reservations. The advice and suggestions here are spot on and would have provided you with words of wisdom and guidance in booking your first cruise! Now, you have a bad impression of RCL and cruises altogether, which is a real shame. Cruising is awesome and RCL surely delivers! We always use a travel agent, at no cost to us, to handle everything! Takes away any chance of confusion or possible stress. Hopefully, you can get everything sorted out and go on your first cruise! I’m sure you would enjoy it. And if you don’t, I’m sorry.
  14. Hi there! Just noticed a post where you referenced growing up in Dearborn MI. I grew up in Dearborn Heights. Small world! I now live in Las Vegas. I enjoy reading your posts!

    1. mom2mybugs


      My brother lives in Dearborn heights now... Near telegraph and Michigan avenue (on Syracuse).  I grew up right across from Dearborn high school!  It is such a small world!  Someday I will get to Vegas... It looks like such a fun city to visit!  Jane

    2. Cindy Leslie

      Cindy Leslie

      I went to Crestwood High School and lived off of Telegraph, between Ford Rd and Warren (on Vernon). My sisters and niece still live in the family house. Vegas is a fun place...I’ve been here since 1983. Lots of stuff to do and see! Take care!

  15. We did it a couple years ago while on the Regal Princess. The party boat picked us up, then picked up passengers from a Royal Caribbean ship (possibly Oasis). Punch was complimentary, but could buy shots to put in your punch...we ended up buying wristbands so the rum was unlimited! We had lots of fun on this excursion! Beach was beautiful, too!
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