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  1. We are currently on Anthem and when my daughter went to teen roller skating (ages 15-17) they had a list at the Seaplex desk of all kids who fit that age range and asked for her sea pass card to prove who she was before giving her a wristband. So on this instance it was enforced.
  2. Anyone ever done the Bayone post-cruise excursion that takes you around Manhattan for a few hours then takes you to EWR? I know it’s pricy, but our flight doesn’t leave until 3:30pm so it would be great to not sit in the airport for all those extra hours. We’ve been to Manhattan a couple times, so it’s not new to us, but at least it will be something to do. Do you get off at all, or is it just 3 hours of driving around? Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Excellent, thank you! First time to Labadee so I have no idea what the set up is.
  4. I have reserved a set of beach loungers. How does this work once we get to the island? Is a certain one reserved for us? Do we just pick any one? If so, how do they know we’ve got a set reserved and are not random people trying to take one, is there some kind of wristband or ticket? And is it held for us regardless of what time we get there (we have parasailing right when we get off the ship so we won’t be showing up for our lounger for a bit) or will they give it away after a certain amount of time. I'm wondering if we try to stop there quick before parasailing. TIA!!
  5. If a drink card becomes available, when you purchase it does the price include gratuities like the drink package, or no...and then you tip when you use it? I want to make sure if I get one I'm tipping where appropriate. Thanks!
  6. Sailing out of Port Liberty this July and for a couple reasons, flying home from Newark isn't going to work, so it looks like we'll need to get to LGA to fly home. I've only used Lyft/Uber for shorter rides, will we have a tough time finding a driver to take us to LAG (on a Sat morning)? Can drivers take customers from NJ to LGA? Any other better options? TIA!
  7. We'll be sailing on Anthem too and I've been debating this. I'm wondering if private hours would be offered for things in the Sea Plex? That would certainly make this more attractive for us as we don't partake in the rock wall or flow rider. We're Gold so don't have many benefits an therefore don’t know how nice it might be to have things like priority embarkation, etc. We already have Voom and Chops lunch booked, so the difference for us b/t the Key and purchasing just Voom and Chops lunch by themselves is $68/person for a 9 night cruise. As a splurge item, $68/person isn't awful for the
  8. I have a few different cruises booked for next summer, booked them a while ago to lock in prices. We've now decided which we will do and which to cancel. How do I cancel on-line with the new Dashboard? There used to be a cancel button before they re-did the website but now I don't see one. Am I totally missing it or do I now have to call? Thanks!
  9. I completely understand the suggestion of not having a flight home too early in case your ship is late, you get caught up in customs, or whatnot. That being said, if time is our main concern, would the quickest way from the port to the airport be a cab? I know Uber or Lyft might be cheaper, an usually that is the way I go, but with time being more important this time around I am thinking there is a quicker way. Is there a line of cabs at the port waiting to take people? We will self-debark, handling our own luggage so we can get off the ship asap. We'll be at Port Everglades, flying out o
  10. Yeah, I was wondering about the slide. Oh well, it will still be nice to be able to step outside and have some fresh air and have a nice place to sit and relax. A view will be a bonus. Thanks for the report!
  11. Thanks for the input. My daughter picked BW over CP so that's fine with me. Good point about the noise if on deck 14. I scooped up a deck 11 room. Super stoked. 😊
  12. Awesome, thanks guys. Boardwalk balcony was only $51 more than my inside stateroom and includes the Johnny Rocket meal and soda pkg. So I figured why not. My TA hooked me up and I'm good to go. Thanks for the input!
  13. Does anyone have recommendations or preferences as far as the deck # for a boardwalk balcony on Harmony. I've got options in about the middle of the boardwalk, decks 9-14. The deck 14 are marked as obstructed view. Just curious if it's better to be higher or lower or it doesn't matter? TIA!!
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