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  1. Not RC I know, but, to me, spotting any cruise ship is exciting: I'm in NYC this week and whilst visiting USS Intrepid and taking in the excitement and festivities of Fleet Week, I spotted NCL's Norwegian Escape, with her impressive looking ropes course, in port.
  2. Looking forward to trying JR's for breakfast on Allure. Sounds to me like typical, hearty American breakfast. Now, should I get pancakes or French toast...πŸ€” The aqua shows were a big draw for me in booking an Oasis class ship. Can't wait to see one.
  3. Wow! 😯 Is this a regular occurrence in Coco Cay?
  4. Love the sound of the warm banana bread with coffee ice-cream πŸ˜‹
  5. That's what I was thinking. That or a waiting room of some kind. Doesn't look like a nice place to sit and an relax anyway
  6. Thanks for sharing your cruise with us. Looking forward to following along. Don't apologise for 'being behind': you're on a cruise - enjoy yourself!
  7. I had it on Navigator in 2016. You are massaged but with either the heat from the stones (after the therapist has held them in their hands) or with the stones themselves. I have enjoyed several hot stones massages at various places on land but I did not rate the one on Navigator. Maybe my therapist just wasn't the best. There was also a lot of attempt to up sell after the treatment which made it not such a relaxing experience. On the whole, for what I paid (with a 50%off voucher) I didn't think it was very good value. I love a massage but after the Navigator experience I didn't book one on my Independence cruise last year and won't book one on my upcoming Allure sailing. I can get a whole day at a spa at home, including a treatment, for the price of one massage onboard so personally, I'd rather save my money.
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