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  1. Definitely not enough time to go up the tower on this tour. It is well worth the visit though just to see the tower from the outside. It might be possible for you to attend the acoustics demo in the battisterro though. You have to buy tickets for a couple of euros and only happens a couple of times each day hut it is breathtaking. Your guide will be able to advise you if you're in time and have time for it. Enjoy.
  2. In most places, they seem pretty happy with the income that tourists bring. The exception would be Venice where there have been big protests against cruise ships including small local vessels blocking the waterway. It looks like they're going to (if they haven't already) ban or limit the big cruise ships. @mom2mybugs hope you have a fantastic cruise (I'm sure you will!). I'm looking forward to following along
  3. That looks amazing! Nope - you're in good company. I don't like it either (although I will eat it if it's the only option for dessert 😅). I do like mascarpone though.
  4. Or what we were already calling 'Rugby' 😅😅 Happy Independence Day
  5. Yes! That place was great. Now I'm doubly upset that we aren't at the meet up 😥😥
  6. Again, we invented the game, therefore, the correct name is football 😜
  7. Hope you have an amazing holiday @Lovetocruise2002 Knowing you're an uber-planner like myself, I'd imagine you've already got your whole itinerary for NYC booked up but incase not, we were there a few weeks ago and particularly enjoyed a bike tour of Central Park and the all access tour of Madison Square Garden was surprisingly good 👍 I know you're Canadian but saw you flew from DTW so guessing you're just over the border or living in MI - we have a friend from Windsor (which happens to be twinned with our home city!) but who lives in Ann Arbor so we've been to that neck if the woods a couple of times. Looking forward to following along with you.
  8. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities! As others have said, multi-day pass for the HOHO Buses would be ideal for you. If you want to go to Parc Guell, ticketsist be booked in advance although it's very popular so might already be sold out. If you do get there, don't miss the viewing area that's up some steps right at the back of the park. The view over the city is fantastic. If not, the funicular del Tibidabo also gives great views. If you're a football fan, the Camp Nou stadium is well worth a visit. I'd highly recommend wandering around the labyrinth that is the Gothis Quarter- really fantastic architecture, very atmospheric but safe. Find a tapas bar on one of the placas and watch the world go by. We went to Ocana at place Reial and it was very good and reasonably priced. The fountain at parc de la ciutadella is stunning. We only had chance for a quick look but said if we went back we'd take a sandwich and have lunch there.
  9. I'm gonna come right out and say it: I like it! I pick up a slice nearly every time I go past 😅🐷
  10. Except for the haggis. I'm fairly sure he had black pudding at least a couple of times but that was in the Med. They also had 'proper' bacon as well as the American stuff. This could just be for European sailings but regardless, you'll get pretty close to a 'full English'.
  11. You won't miss proper breakfasts on the ship. This is pretty much what my husband has every, single day!
  12. Yeah - the MDR buffet was on the lowest level of the MDR whereas the a la carte option was offered on one of the other floors of the MDR. I wonder if this is just a European thing...?
  13. On the 2 Med cruises we've done - Navigator and Independence, they've been on separate floors. Do you think it'd be possible to ask for the a la carte whilst on the buffet floor? 🤔
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