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  1. My rate for 2 adults is currently: Cruise 1: £1962 Cruise 2: £1558 Both cruises come with $250 on board credit. Both rooms are ocean view balcony too.
  2. Really appreciate the advice. Fingers crossed we can do it. I have heard of many people doing b2b so fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks for your help here was our itinerary: 21st Nov- 28th Nov Port Canaveral - Cruising - Antigua - St Thomas - Cruising - Cococay - Port Canaveral 28th Nov - 6th Dec Port Canaveral - Nassau - Cruising - Falmouth - Labadee - Cruising - Cococay - Port Canaveral
  4. thanks for your advice. When going to book it doesn’t give me the option for a refundable deposit, only non refundable.
  5. Apologies for two threads in one night and apologies for the open ended question. Currently planning a back to back cruise for November 2021 - just wondering if you think we should book? We will be flying from UK so we will have to book cruise, hotels and flights all separate. Just after some advice and thoughts. Thanks
  6. Hi - looking on booking back to back cruise for the first time. We are expecting $225 on board credit - can we put this towards our drinks package using cruise planner? thanks
  7. I wish this was my case, I worked it out for our cruise in jan that between two of us we drank 198 alcoholic drinks in a week. On top of this we also drank 49 soft drinks and 38 bottles of water. We sure got our money’s worth. I think I could only do DX after that week, I love lager too much!
  8. Not much to be honest, this was our first cruise and the first day we felt a bit but then it was fine. Felt more after we disembarked haha
  9. I was there a few weeks ago on Allure, we were off the ship by 9 ourselves. We didn't do the waterpark but the oasis lagoon etc was open. Be interesting to see the correct answer. Apologises for not being a help.
  10. Looking on booking back-to-back cruises for 2022. Do you get discount on drinks package as its back to back or just the standard cruise planner discount? Thanks
  11. We done deck 8 room 326. Second to last. Really quiet, and peaceful. Only 2 decks from Promenade. Perfect location. Middle of the ship.
  12. Be at the port around 2030 gives you enough time in case things go wrong.
  13. In the UK if a bill comes to £65.54 for example, you give them £66. Thats the only sort of tipping we do. Obviously some times you might give them an extra £5 but its very rare. The price is the price. Hence why I don't agree with gratuities personally, the company should be paying its employees the correct living wage and not having them rely on gratuities. On my recent cruise I tipped the room attended $15 as she was exceptional. The bar staff got a $1 tip after every 4th drink in the same place and the waiter/assistant waiter in the main dining got $10 each as they served us every night. Gratuities are a big no no in my opinion, a bit like a service charge on a bill. If they want you to pay extra then include it in the main price from the offset.
  14. I cancelled my pre paid gratuities and instead tipped accordingly to the waiter directly etc. Then again I am European and tipping is not something we do over here.
  15. I was on allure and I took my own hdmi cable and popped RC out and mine in, worked perfectly every time for Netflix etc.
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