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  1. I'm looking into rebooking my canceled cruise and need to decide on which 2 adjoining rooms to pick. Balcony cabins 8162/8164 (mid more forward next to the stairs) or 7294-7296(Aft) I normally prefer to be midship due to motion sickness, but these are the only options available. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks Matt! Are there any advantages or disadvantages for Deck 7 vs Deck 8?
  3. I'm trying to decide between a balcony cabin on Deck 7 or 8. Is one deck better than the other? Also the cabin on Deck 7 is closer to the stairs. Would that be a problem or be more convient? Thanks
  4. @bossdog421 Thanks for the map & pics. Location wise do you think Breezy Bay or Chill Island would be better?
  5. I noticed that they now list day beds in two locations- Breezy Bay at chill island (instead of South Beach) and chill island. What is the difference between the two as far a location on the island? It looks like Breezy Bay is a new beach area. Not sure which one to book and if one location is better than the other. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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