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  1. I’ve been told by multiple representatives that if someone in the room has the UDP than at minimum any others must have the refreshment package.
  2. I agree, but considering many don’t is the reason they have all these stores on these ships.
  3. It’s ashame, most people don’t do any research and get ripped off. I think it’s because some see a duty free sign and just assume it’s cheaper than anywhere else.
  4. The ability to book entertainment wasn’t available for us until 32 days out for our upcoming Anthem cruise.
  5. It doesn’t matter how valid any of your points are, it’s tough for this group to see any negatives with Royal
  6. I agree with you. The last time (2 years ago) we were on Anthem we were asked repeatedly to sign up for the dining package, a simple “no thank you” was not enough. They were almost begging us, I felt like I was in the straw market.
  7. We’ll I hope they fix these kinks by next Saturday when we board.
  8. I’ll be on this sailing also!!! No suite for us, we get ready for dinner and sleep in our room so it’s not worth the money for us.
  9. However refilling the pineapple cost nothing. We usually get one and refill it all day.
  10. I can watch anything on my dvr through the xfinity app.
  11. Yes I remember seeing that as an option, but I was hoping to have it done before we boarded. Oh well just another step once on board.
  12. Leaving on Anthem in less than 2 weeks, just making sure everything is ready and I remembered last time we could sign the waivers before we boarded. Is this not a thing anymore?
  13. I agree, I find it to be part of my vacation experience to do the planning myself
  14. I’ll be getting off when your getting on. This will be our 2nd time on Anthem as well and it’s been 15 years since we’ve been to Bermuda.
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