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  1. I’m happy about there water slides and laser tag.
  2. We do the same thing, My kids fill them up before dinner and that’s pretty much it. We don’t let them drink a too much soda.
  3. People have been reporting 90 minute wait times for rides. With the half day option that’s 2-3 rides and that’s your day. If they dock more than one ship at a time the price will hardly be worth the aggravation imo.
  4. It just outside Johnny Rockets, it’s mostly used by kids. The water is pool temperature and you just go around in circles
  5. I’ve never tied my wife to mine besides booking her with me in my room and she is at my level when she would be a level lower.
  6. If they had a good TA they wouldn’t have missed final payment lol
  7. Spouses are recognized as the higher spouses status, so if that’s the case for one of the people you should be good
  8. That’s a great idea, that 10% rake is a bit extreme.
  9. I think that is a small reason this policy is put in place. IMO the main reason is they just can charge more money plain and simple.
  10. I’ve been told by multiple representatives that if someone in the room has the UDP than at minimum any others must have the refreshment package.
  11. I agree, but considering many don’t is the reason they have all these stores on these ships.
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