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  1. I got mine about 130 days out, no email I just check the cruise planner daily and it just showed up. . Not just for the room assignment but to check for sales on drink packages and excursions.
  2. This is something I’ll never have to worry about. Regular balcony rooms are enough for me.
  3. That’s about the price I’d be willing to pay. 79.99 is the lowest I’ve seen it for my May sailing. Multiple that by 4 and that’s a nice chunk of change.
  4. It’s tough to pay the high water park price when they have multiple slides on the ship we are going on already.
  5. We were right under the WJ last year on Anthem, we didn’t hear anything. We loved the convenience of being so close. I understand your rationale just disagree with the reasoning.
  6. It’s awfully tough to mount a defense after seeing that video.
  7. Who said that Royal was charging him? My point was that I think it’s unnecessary to charge the man, It was a tragic accident. The grandfather is not a danger to society putting him in jail wouldn’t really accomplish anything.
  8. The Grandfather is being charged with negligent homicide. I don’t know if that necessary but neither is trying to sue Royal Caribbean.
  9. We put them in airplane mode as soon as we pull away from the dock.
  10. No one is denying that motion sickness is real and potentially debilitating, my issue was what I thought was a rude request.
  11. I agree, but I also appreciate that we have a royal port in the northeast. We’ve taken our last 4 cruises out of cape liberty and it just makes it much more affordable for us. We choose to go in April and May so we don’t really have to deal the rough northeast weather. Those that leave in the winter just have to accept that they might have a day or two of frigid temps.
  12. It’s not the northeast weather that’s causing the issue though, It’s the weather in Florida and the Bahamas. I also take a cruise anywhere anytime.
  13. Gotta be the pool deck for me, which also has the windjammer and multiple bars. Everything I could ever need on vacation.
  14. Re-read his original post, he was not offering advise. He requested that Chris purchase an expensive piece of equipment so he would have an easier time watching his videos. I just don’t see how anyone could see anything different.
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