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  1. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Formal night attire

    You will have no issue whatsoever with him wearing shorts. Many with no issues still wear shorts and they are not turned away. The dress code is merely a suggestion.
  2. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Coco Cay Update( Video)

    These workers clearly get paid by the hour lol.
  3. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Dress code confusion!

    Appropriate attire is just a suggestion, wear whatever your comfortable with. Dry swimwear for men will look like plain shorts anyway unless you go with the Speedo haha
  4. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Escape room

    That’s just an excuse imo, what’s next charging for the shows? Same principle, they could just institute a standby line like the many other things that are in high demand.
  5. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Question on dinner at Windjammer

    Get full meals at both nobody’s counting
  6. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Escape room

    You say deter I say another way to nickel and dime us.
  7. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Escape room

    Does it cost for every ship now? Did it on Anthem a few years ago and it was included.
  8. RC has 3 drink packages soda, refreshment (which is pretty much except alcohol) and the deluxe package which covers everything up to I think $13
  9. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    For Fun - Do you Repeat Ships?

    Were going on Anthem for the second time in 3 years, went on Adventure last year. We’ve been trying to go out of Cape Liberty lately to save on airfare. Hopefully trying to get on Oasis next year.
  10. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Deluxe beverage

    We’re not supposed to but we give our kids the freestyle cups from our drink packages. They don’t drink enough soda to justify buying them a soda package so we bend the rules a bit.
  11. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Royal Caribbean to open five private islands

    Seems like this is the route they are going
  12. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Oasis to Cape Liberty in 2020?

    Wooo!!! I’m pumped for oasis of the seas to come to Bayonne. Does anybody know if Oasis has water slides?
  13. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    The Key

    It says you have to purchase for anyone over 6 years old. Kinda ridiculous they want to charge kids for this. They don’t really get much value for the price of $25 a day.
  14. Have a great time, following. Adventure is one of my favorite ships.
  15. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Are the kids clubs strict about age?

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t know the teen club was so regimented, I just figured it was a meeting place with the occasional activity. My 11 year old is my oldest so this is new ground for us.