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  1. I was actually just looking myself but can’t find anything.
  2. Just check the cruise planner on Black Friday through the weekend including cyber Monday.
  3. I agree, when gratuity is mandatory and not left to anyone’s judgement it should just be added up front.
  4. Geez $62, I’ll be on oasis next May and it’s $79. That’s a huge difference when you have a family of 4 or more. I would think it would be cheaper for the bigger ships. Anyway I love the idea of 2 days at cococay, I could definitely skip either port Canaveral or Nassau. Preferably Port Canaveral
  5. Even for the regular loungers? If so that’s great news
  6. As longs as they keep finding suckers to pay it they will keep charging it, me I’ll stick with the free lounger and pop for the rented umbrella at $15.
  7. I’ve seen the 20oz powerades and yes they are included with the drink package. We usually get one of those and a water when getting off the ship.
  8. We had a fun time at margaritaville, it has a nice pool. It’s still inside the secured compound.
  9. No clue, I’m just going off of first hand experience
  10. We just asked on Anthem and they said no that we would need to buy a new one
  11. Drinking the kool aide 😂. I think you may be the only to say the wow bands are more comfortable
  12. They told us no because of the muster station would be wrong. That would be dangerous for kids.
  13. We get the wow bands for the kids, it’s just easier for them. I don’t prefer taking it on and off to get a drink so I’ll stick with the card. I know it’s a muster thing but it would be nice if they were interchangeable between ships.
  14. Shorts and a nice shirt is more than acceptable on the normal nights. I wear a pants, shirt and tie on formal nights, don’t feel obligated to do anything. Last cruise more than a handful of people seemed to wear what they were wearing that day. It’s your vacation, so enjoy it however you seem fit.
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