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  1. . Other cruise lines are allowing just a transfer but not Royal Caribbean, they like to hold as much of your money as possible
  2. I’m also on this sailing and I’m with you. We’re willing to deal with any and all restrictions except if they make us wear a mask the entire time while on board. We were talking and that’s the deal breaker.
  3. I’ve been saying this for years, especially when gratuities are a set price and forced on the consumer.
  4. I don’t think it would be a lateral move unfortunately, you would have to cancel and repurchase at the price at the time. I am in the same boat just waiting for it to show up because I’m not letting Royal hold onto anymore of my money.
  5. I agree, I’m also confused. We’re on a May 10th sailing and if that gets canceled I think I’m just going to get the full refund instead of the 125% fcc. It seems like if we can’t use it for the deposit and the deposit is $1000 we’ll have some credit left over if we would cruise under the same category.
  6. My parents who are both approaching 70 and my dad being 6 months removed by heart bypass surgery have decided to cancel there oasis May 10th sailing. We are still going however, my wife and I as well as the kids are young and healthy so we’re confident we’ll be fine.
  7. Yes but where only there like 8 hours so 90 minutes is kinda of a big chunk to be missing out on. Another ship is there that day also, they arrive at 7 so I wonder what time they will be able to enter the park.
  8. Well this further solidifies how scummy Royal has become. The $79 price tag says “all day pass”, maybe it should say all day minus the first 90 minutes you are in port. They really should be ashamed of themselves.
  9. That’s not true, they can still purchase alcohol. No such restriction exist, Royal would never pass up money.
  10. We are scheduled to arrive at 9 am but water park is not scheduled until 10:30. Is this common for an “all day” pass to be not truly “all day”? We were planning on getting off right at 9 and getting as many slides in as we could before the crowds got too crazy, this would throw a wrench into those plans.
  11. We will rock you is by far the best show I’ve seen on any of my cruises. I’ve been on Anthem twice and will see it a third time if we sail on her again.
  12. First time on oasis class ship for us, we’re really excited. We’ve been rotating between Anthem and adventure the last 3 years out of Bayonne. I’ve heard they can make the smoke stacks shorter in order to fit under the bridge.
  13. I’m pretty sure the May 10th sailing is the first sailing out of Bayonne.
  14. We’re sharing in the excitement, we’ll be on there with you. I’ve been checking everyday waiting to book our entertainment.
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