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  1. I’ve stayed under the windjammer twice and didn’t hear much either time.
  2. Basically all I said was I wished the vaccine mandate stayed, which is probably not a popular opinion which I understand. However those in favor of the change are welcome to share their opinions with no repercussions. Please explain how I’m wrong.
  3. It seems like your partial to one side when removing post, that much is obvious.
  4. Why aren’t all the post cheering the changes of Royal vaccine policy deleted? Because they’re your friends? Mine was deleted because you disagree with my stance.
  5. Why was my comment deleted? It’s kinda pathetic to delete things you don’t agree with.
  6. How did you pay? Ahead of time or does it have an option once on board.
  7. How do we get charged? And does everyone in the room get charged or just the people that want to text each other? Thanks!
  8. This is a great trick, thanks for sharing. Has your room number ever changed once you’ve “knew” without actually being officially assigned?
  9. You can’t rely on the honesty of people! I’d feel much safer if they kept the vaccine mandatory for cruising since the constant close contact.
  10. I booked the buy one get one %50 off then just saw %30 off and went to rebook however not realizing they raised the base price by $9 or $10 so it was more expensive. Really shady business imo, so pay attention to everything.
  11. Yes thank you, another question. I’m traveling in a group of 15 arriving by bus, how strict are they if a part of the group is in a later time slot. Sorry I haven’t cruised since before covid when nobody respected the times lol.
  12. Does check in open at midnight on the date? And is it it important to get on as soon as it opens to get an early boarding time?
  13. I would say the opposite, I’m not saying don’t use a travel agent but they definitely aren’t necessary. The times I’ve used them it was me contacting them to tell them I found a better price.
  14. I’ve never been asked for proof, has anyone else? I have a veterans ID card that was given by my county but I don’t usually travel with my DD Form 214..
  15. I’ve never seen or heard of this. Sometimes you may find a drink card for 10 drinks but there’s no telling when they show up.
  16. Can the vouchers be used all day? I thought before you could only use them during a certain window of time. Something like 5-8?
  17. Thanks for doing a “regular person cruise” blog!! Seems like it’s nothing but suite blogs lately.
  18. I believe they want to accompany their family in the water park but not ride any rides. Unfortunately they would need to purchase tickets regardless of them riding any rides.
  19. Besides Black Friday when are the best deals?
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