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  1. Hi everyone! I’m booked on this cruise too… can’t wait to cross off a bucket list cruise this year. New Year’s Eve cruise AND Aruba and curaçao … counting down!
  2. So funny.. updated and restarted finally had to delete and reinstall before it worked correctly. I love technology:-)
  3. Opened my Royal app to check on my upcoming symphony cruise, it’s saying it’s not supported by that ship! Guess the technology is going backwards ???
  4. I have a boardwalk balcony booked for May 2020 on symphony... I can see their point about overlapping promos, and can even understand changing what their doing. I’m sailing just my two kids and myself and they don’t drink soda, and I got the drink package. We would have def used the Johnny rockets ... but I absolutely cannot understand how they change what people have already had has part of what they booked. I work retail and I can tell you if my company tried something like this all heck would break lose. I am going to call and complain on principle and to help in the cause ... good luck to all ... and may the force be with you ?
  5. I booked it... First inaugural cruise ever. So excited. I snagged one of the Studio Balconies.
  6. Navigator of the Seas Oct 4th 2019 Symphony of the Seas May 2 - 9 2020..
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