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  1. This is ridiculous to blame. This volcano has been changing between level 1 and 2 for 20 years. Yes there is steam and gas outbursts which in itself is the attraction of the tour. The excursion through Royal is promoted as a visit to one of the worlds most active volcanoes. A volcano is considered active if it has had an eruption in the last 10000 years. I did this tour virtually 12 months ago, have some empathy for all involved, those on board now included.
  2. T That is my problem. I do have children. Picked MTD so some nights go early show some nights early dinner, depending how they are. Wondering what happens first night when I turn up at 6 because that is what my calender says for my booking.
  3. No it is even in the cruise compass that My time dining doesnt start until 6:45. This only on some ships, Oasis and voyager 2 I have noticed. This is only a very recent change. Voyager since its last refit which to all reports has been a disaster. added 300 extra passengers, took away space and dining options. The reports were that on the singapore to sydney repos, they shut the dining room at 1Pm because they couldnt handle the people and then there were about 100 people standing waiting for tables at the Windjammer. 45 minute wait for my time dining tables because everyone turns up at 7. Half these people had 6pm bookings made before the policy change. I still have 6PM my time bookings for my cruise this week even though it isnt available to 645.
  4. Absolutely ridiculous. What they promote as MTD is now not. I can only imagine the chaos the first night when people with reservations before 6:45 turn up expecting to get seated.
  5. What has happened to My Time Dining on certain ships. I noticed on the last compass posted for Oasis and is the same for my Voyager cruise next week. The early seating is 5:30 but the earliest time for My time Dining is 6:45. I booked MTD because I wanted an early dinner with kids most nights but also the option to have a later one if need be. When I booked I just reserved a time for the first night as the rest I wanted to be flexible. 6Pm was available then (for all days) but when I looked at a later date 6:45 was the earliest on any day.
  6. The current Voyager sailing out of Singapore has a mass scheduled in the cruise calender today.
  7. I'd hate to book Carnival only to find out Royal has something the same.
  8. Not mine, a friend but not charterd as far as she knows
  9. I have a friend who has just returned from a cruise on Voyager. She said that one day the pool was closed for a private function on the pool deck. They were not using the pool thmselves, they just didnt want others to. This infuriates me in so many ways. I dont care how much people pay for suite privileges but this is diminishing the value of everyone elses holiday. This should not be an option. Thoughts?
  10. The simple fact is it is not your chair.
  11. General wear and tear is one thing but I'm sorry but things like the big screen not working is not good enough. You pay for the cruise as a package and a sum of all it's parts.
  12. Surprised they even know. 2 phonecalls and 3 messages to them asking about Johnny Rockets over the past month and I was told yes it will definitely be there in some form. Wrong. The latest conversation was the best hands down, after asking i got a message back 10 minutes later saying yes will be on board. When I informed them that someone currenly on the first sailing has said no that is incorrect they went and checked and replied 10 minutes later with, "Sorry to mislead you, no Johnny Rockets but please take advantage of our new dining options". Haha this should be good, I replied "Please tell me what they are" and they came back with "Sorry There is nothing new on Voyager" When I explined that Johnny Rockets is still advertised on the website on the ships page they wanted me to provide a screenshot for them. I politely declined. To be fair not all that fussed tht there is no Johnny Rockets but something else for a ship that size and now with an extra 150 people would be good.
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