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  1. Exactly, we all want to cruise again but people like this risk the future trips of all of us. They are so blessed to be on this cruise in the first place.
  2. Reports are that people have been not allowed to reboard due to wandering off on their shore excursion. Good job MSC.
  3. I cant believe they make me wear clothes to dinner. Where is my freedom.
  4. What happens if someone test positive pre cruise. Arent there many others lining up with them?
  5. Wow congrats 1 successful cruise. So far we have AIDA, Hurtigen and Ponant all with Covid issues on resumption or attempting to resume. It is a bit of a stretch to say that any measures on a cruise ship will stop 1 person transmitting it to others. Hasn't worked anywhere else yet. The only way it wont spread on a ship is if it is not there to begin with. Time to be a realist.
  6. To me this is the reason cases are not going down. To say 94% cases recovering is good is unthinkable to me.
  7. Yes all this great and a positive move forward but is not that great an indicator of how things could work in the states. Taiwan has a total of 15 active cases and have had a total of 460 since the start of the pandemic. The chances of a passenger bringing the virus on board is virtually nil so all the protocols and procedures are unproven. Obviously Germany is more of a guide but still until someone actually presents with the virus or is positive after boarding will we see what will really happen. The testing and quarantining of the crew is much more interesting as they are coming fro
  8. Not starting well. 10 out of 750 crew tested positive after testing negative leaving their country. http://crew-center.com/10-crew-members-aida-cruises-test-positive-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR0N94ctuFDGqHYClnXNMz5_3D2Z9GZOIpDmHaQaEW2LtWV8V2tjBoPzfDk
  9. The way this virus spreads so easily and silently, there is no point socially distancing on a cruise ship. It must never get on board in the first place. This is the entire problem.
  10. Here in Australia we have the prime example of how easy things get out of control. We went into a fairly strict lockdown and it worked. Cases under control quickly and just a few weeks ago we were down to only cases from international sources who were confined to mandatory quarantine. However the system broke and there was a mishandling of people by the security firm in charge of quarantine and 1 person got through. Melbourne is just 2 weeks later in full lockdown again with 400+ new cases a day. People escapes the city and have spread it to Sydney. This all from just 1 person starting it off
  11. Rubbish, deaths are double what they were 2 weeks ago. Currently death rates are lower than the peak because the cases are spread further around the country. Hospital capacity is being stretched in more and more places and if it continues numbers will explode again. Sorry but there is no justification in cruising until numbers turn around. Americans may see it as OK and say it is our right to have freedom and live our lives but what country would accept them as tourists.
  12. Yes we can trust 1 social media comment. The 100's of medical experts and doctors I have heard from or spoke to say the opposite. It is not me that I worry about it is the exponential number of contacts I will come in contact with during or after that I could ruin their lives.
  13. Deaths are down from the peak but are hardly going down. Most countries who have this under some control have both numbers going way down.
  14. Other than a private island or cruise to nowhere where would a cruise be able to go. No country in their right mind would accept a shipload of Americans on their doorstep. The country needs to fix itself first before putting problems elsewhere. The right to freedom is not always for the best.
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