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  1. just received email. April 17 from Singapore cancelled.
  2. Really? they are announcing this after their competitors have and not giving OBC to those choosing to stay on. Sure well done for doing the right thing but this hardly amazing from them.
  3. Many people like this. Brisbane 2 sea days on a new massive ship, private island that is only expensive if you want it to be then 2 sea days back. sounds good to me
  4. Yes but the new private island is coming 2022.
  5. THe CV list. Is that 2 now? The hysteria is what is out of control, not the virus.
  6. why would this bring bigger ships to Sydney. Same size as Ovation which has been here a couple of years now anyway.
  7. Reports are there is a high level meeting happening today discussing the next few months of cruises in the Asia and south pacific region regarding cancelling, redeployment and re-routing. Hopefully more information soon.
  8. I understand you may be disappointed about missing your ports but what can you do about. RC are in a difficult position. People will complain if they have no ports and others will complain if they go to a colder port. Surely people aren't living under a rock and can see what this situation is doing to the cruise industry.
  9. Voyager has been denied entry to Port Vila, Mystery island and Luganville. This is due to 3 crew having tested positive to Influenza A. I guess taking no chances. Ship diverted to NZ
  10. Voyager has just been denied entry to Vanautu. 3 crew members with Flu symptoms(actually tested positive to Influenza A) Diverted to NZ
  11. The point is it is not Royal that is causing the cruise to be delayed. So why would they pay more than what you are owed.
  12. i wish. I could be cruising non stop for months if there are some good last minute deals.
  13. Just think back 30 years and do what you would have done then. Its great.
  14. Voyager left late due to extra cleaning because of a minor bug outbreak on the previous cruise.
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