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  1. I guess it's what individuals find acceptable.
  2. Yep, that's all the hardcore cruisers but every year a new market tries out cruising, some sign up for life and some say not for me I can try different things. It's this new market that is going to be missing.
  3. You have to remember you are speaking to the converted on this forum. The wider world out there sees things differently and how things are presented to them and for a great many cruises are on the black list. It's like (for example) trying to get a staunch Democrat to agree with even the worlds best policy if put forward by a Republican (or vice versa) or an antivaxer agreeing to get the jab even if 99% of the worlds doctors or scientists were to push it. Social Media has only mad this worse.
  4. And in many facebook groups it is pretty much 50% saying they wont go on another cruise until vaccination rates are up and case numbers are down.
  5. Most Doctors? I currently work in a hospital in Sydney so not a great expert but my brother is a Doctor working in University Hospital San Antonio. He reports twice as many re infections than vaccinated in ICU. Now consider how many people have had Covid against how many vaccinated. MOST of mine and his colleagues do not give the advice you are stating as truth.
  6. But may have prevented a full outbreak on cruise #1
  7. Guess I am used to paying the same price for 8-9 night South Pacific cruises. Australian site does include all taxes as well.
  8. Super expensive if that is the correct price. I have thought all other new releases to be quite reasonable.
  9. Yes its fantastic that no positives and cruising go full steam ahead in Singapore but you cant say because of testing on embarking. Its not like they have had to turn people away.no covid in the community. Shows everything works and can happen but only in locations where there is some sort ofvirus control
  10. The protocols work in Singapore where there is no Covid. Like giving birth control to an island of only women and saying it worked because no one fell pregnant.
  11. I care if the crew are vaccinated. Sure it is not a guarantee but if the vaccines are 90% effective at preventing covid then isnt that a good thing. You keep saying can still get covid not will thats the main thing. With no vaccine If person A with covid is close to Crew A for any length of time good chance of passing it on. Then Crew A is next to unvaccinated me then I am likely to get it without ever meeting Person A. With Crew A and myself vaccinated I now have a 1% chance of getting Covid, albeit in a form less likely to make me seriously ill or wise. Gee wonder which scenario I care about.
  12. I don't have a problem with people saying it's their right to not have the vaccine but a private company then has the right to allow who they want on their ship. It's your right to wear sneakers out on a Saturday night but if those bouncers say no, there's no way you are getting into the club.
  13. Did you read that in the news? Maybe it's just a US thing but if you read the news here there are plenty of stories on how effective the vaccine is.
  14. I usually have the full drink package but relatives have had the refreshment package and it is included.
  15. It will be time, if the public is happy with a NZ and pacific travel bubble then there should be no reason for cruising locally to be put on hold.
  16. But its not just the travel on the planes its what the traveller does and where they go when they get there. Freedom of movement is the number one method of spread in the community.
  17. Those rules are not in place forever and are only relevant to the local govt authorithy. In saying that I will gladly be on the first ship sailing with those rules and know many who are the same.
  18. That is my point, hard to criticise a countries rules with those numbers, something is working. And basically all those are returned travellers in quarantine.
  19. To be fair not many people dying in Singapore.
  20. Maybe. I cruised on her in Australia. Definitely no smoking inside there.
  21. Excess mortality in the USA is running at 20% with the current restrictions in place. Yet Countries who have done well have a negative excess mortality due to low case numbers and restrictions but they are not shut down. By the way 100 deaths per day due to car accidents is the factual Not made up number. Yes too many but that's why we have speed limit laws and seat belts and highway patrols.
  22. Was on in Dec 19 after Amp. Smoking outside only.
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