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  1. To be fair plenty of perks being lost by the majority who don't go star class as well.
  2. Plenty of times. I have cruised enough to be diamond fairly young and my kids who are now in their late teen years have always been treated like crap as soon as they enter the lounge. Kids are mostly charged at the same rate as adults and if a seat is free they should have it. The 4 now 5 drinks is a welcome change to get away from there. My kids are brought up to treat every one equally unfortunately it is not reciprocated by many to them. So many posts on here mentioning how many kids are on each cruise and why can't we have our own space. Guess what you have the choice. It's called Princess.
  3. Or maybe cruise on a line that is not so family friendly. I wish there was a venue without condescending old dudes growling at kids even before they have mucked up.
  4. Exactly, who wants to eat the same thing everyday of the week at home or on a cruise.
  5. So I'm guessing my next cruise departing Jan 04 will still have the old menus. Probably not going to start mid Jan at the earliest.
  6. You need to look at the current sailing for accurate menus. No ships have accurate menus that far out.
  7. So how much are you paying for your dinner in the MDR. First take off your accommodation and associated charges, entertainment, transport expenses and all other meals. About $3.99.
  8. They are constantly advertising sales at very good prices over the next month or 2 even in holiday times. Unfortunately high airfares bring the prices up to more than what I can sail from Sydney. Not overly positive
  9. When 50% of every cruise is first time cruisers I doubt they really care. These loyal customers are much more costly to them.
  10. Just because they are not servicing your room doesn't mean they can't check your door. It would take all of 5 seconds.
  11. Yes but a swim up bar that seats 10 with 7000 onboard.
  12. Absolutely agree with this. How many times have you heard people as they get older say it's not as good as it used to be. I would bet a lot more times than the opposite.
  13. What colour did you want it to be?
  14. The Solarium bistro is great, love nibbling away on the dips and other starters and the mains while limited are so much fresher, and lighter than the standard fare at the WJ.
  15. Quantum will be at mystery island Thursday.
  16. Interestingly enough this topic came up on another Australian forum and the majority on there didn't have a problem with it and didn't see the need for twice a day. The setting up and putting down of extra bedding is my only concern. Guessing some people may tip less but going from 15 rooms to 25 gives them more people to get tips off, probably will balance itself out.
  17. Wondering if anyone knows when the switch to the new RFID technology occurred. Passengers on Quantum saying some cards coming already hole punched while others on the same cruise taking to guest services and being told can't be done. Ovation on the other there is no punching of a hole allowed at all. Any clues?
  18. Shows like frozen in time are more about the imagery and individual performances. They are not supposed to have a discernible or absolute story Line. Just enjoy it for what it is.
  19. Yep, I had that for a week of trying but just a couple of days ago I got in for my Jan 04 departure. It was about a day after check in.
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