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  1. You would never believe my story.
  2. I said the 50% was my guess - no real data is required for a guess. I am equidistant from both airport and have flown to/from both. TF Greene Airport in RI is easier to get to, is a much nicer experience, can be cheaper, is closer to "tourist areas" among other reasons many avoid Bradley. I would even consider driving to Boston for an international flight in order to avoid Bradley. Driving south from Enfield to Bradley is a very different experience than driving to Bradley from many other areas in CT. Our governor is considering a negative test result as a way out of the quarantine. Curious, do Maine's rules state the test has to be taken within a certain number of days before someone visits?
  3. Unless you are coming into the tri-state area from the current high infection areas identified by these governors you are free to visit. As all states continue to work toward containing the infection, states will be added and deleted from the list as we move forward. As others have said, there is no way of knowing what the list will look like in February or even what rules will be in effect then. Right now in CT, visitors from states on the list are asked to self-quarantine - it is voluntary - the State of CT will not enforce the quarantine on anyone to start (the governor can change his mind at any time). My guess is that 50% of people that choose to fly when heading to CT use the airport in Rhode Island (which is what I do when flying in/out) and it will become harder and harder to monitor/track most visitors to CT. I can't speak to NY or NJ - since my business is shot for the year I haven't had to travel to either state this year, therefore, I have not really kept up with the rules about travelling to NY & NJ. @alamode123 - even I get whiplash with the ever changing rules each state makes and then modifies on what seems like an hourly basis. I have decided to just keep my eyes open for news of the reopening of Bayonne to cruise ships. Until that decision is announced, there will be no cruising from NJ no matter what happens with borders opening up or even the issues between the cruise lines and the CDC. Personally I wish the Canadian/US would open asap. I would love to be able to drive north and visit Canada again while I have lots of time on my hands. My yard wants me to leave it alone for a while.
  4. As did I. I saw the email from David in my inbox, mentioning that Beth is taking over our reservations and it was signed by Beci. I like the team effort from MEI.
  5. Does anyone know if there has been a change in how TAs are interacting with Royal regarding Lift & Shift requests? I asked my TA to L&S a cruise 3 weeks ago via email - a very specific email with more than enough information to complete the request. When I asked for an update on my request, I was told it had been submitted to Royal. Do TAs no longer have to sit on the phone in order to handle these requests? If there is a new process, does anyone know how long it is taking to get confirmation back to TAs?
  6. Where are you coming from? Are you flying in or driving to port?
  7. I am glad that the issue didn't ruin your holiday. Whether RC reaches out to you is anyone's guess. There has to be a bit of give and take while on a vacation along side lots of different people from different cultures, upbringings and ways of doing things - all stuck on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Being able to roll with the stuff that inevitably happens is part of travelling, but most people understand there is a limit. IMHO, disrupting at least 3 neighboring cabins on a ship went over that line. As I finish preparing for a cruise that leaves this Saturday, I am now unpacking the ball I was going to dribble and bounce off the walls of my cabin so I don't disturb my neighbors. Thanks for the reminder to be kind and considerate.
  8. I am sorry that you had to deal with such an issue on your cruise. I would not have put up with that behavior for an entire cruise or being put on indefinite hold with Guest Services. First night of the cruise - ok - I remember my first beer too. From the 2nd night on - GS or Security better be at the neighbor's door to deal with it. I would also be noting the names of everyone who I interacted with at that point. If the neighbors are waking you up, your cruise has already been negatively affected. Standing in line at GS to discuss with Management is a small (additional) price to pay to get it resolved. I know for a fact that the line at GS in very short at 3am. If the issue wasn't resolved onboard, but you had names of everyone you spoke with - mentioning it on the survey or an email to Miami would have had more weight. Once you are off the ship there is nothing to be done. I don't know what day you spoke with the father, however, I would have mentioned to GS that you knew a father of one of the young men was onboard. From the Guest Conduct Policy: Parental and Guardian Responsibility For purposes of this Guest Conduct Policy, a minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18. A young adult is defined as anyone ages 18, 19 or 20. Parents and guardians are responsible for the behavior and appropriate supervision of their accompanying minor(s) and young adult(s) throughout their vacation. This obligation applies during transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard, at our ports of call, during shore excursions and at our private destinations. This responsibility applies at all times, regardless of whether the parents and guardians are physically in the company of their minor(s) and young adult(s). Under no circumstances should the parent or guardian of a minor debark the ship without their accompanying minor(s) or without having made arrangements for the accompanying minor(s) appropriate supervision on the ship during their absence.
  9. We flew everywhere for cruises until trying the Anthem out of Cape Liberty. Soooo much easier. Itineraries (heading south) are not as exciting but having a 3ish hour drive home instead of a day of flying was quite nice. It is an easy port to try different ships as the fleet is moved around. I just have to remember that prices out of Cape Liberty can be the same as price of cruise/flight out of FL so we still keep FL in the rotation. We are adding Baltimore to the mix in 9 days. Guess we should try a cruise out of Boston soon too. hahaha
  10. If I have enough time before a cruise, I spread out the cost of drink packages over 3 billing cycles. We usually sail with DH having the Refreshment package (he doesn't drink alcohol but likes the other options) and I have the Deluxe package. I have the ability to purchase both packages at the same time, but I would rather not tie up funds earlier than I have to. Here is how I make it work for us. 1st billing cycle - buy Refreshment package for DH - initial price doesn't really matter, but watch for sales 2nd billing cycle - buy Refreshment package for me - price doesn't matter as I will be switching to Deluxe package 3rd billing cycle - call Royal to switch my package from Refreshment to Deluxe when I am ok with that price. Check the Deluxe/Voom package price as that can be a good deal if you are also interested in internet access. If both adults want the Deluxe package, you switch to 2 packages at this time and can make changes online. I have to call to purchase 2 different drink packages. Things to keep in mind: The earlier you book a cruise, the easier it is to spread out the costs of packages. I am willing to wait for a lower price for the Deluxe package and fully understand the price may never come down or even down to a price that is acceptable to me. In this situation, I would stick with the Refreshment (at the lowest price I can get) and buy alcohol a la carte if I want something. If the price for the Deluxe package comes down before month 3, I will go ahead and move to calling Royal to buy the 2 different packages earlier than planned. Also remember that although the cost of packages are charged immediately, the refunds for price drops can take several business days to post back to your credit card and may not post until the next billing cycle. I can handle the wait for a refund, but not everyone can so timing a re-price can be tricky for some. hth btw - I was on the Rhapsody NYE cruise for 2019 and the Deluxe package did eventually drop below $50, but YMMV. That was one cruise where I did purchase my Deluxe package at a higher price than I wanted, but was able to step the price down to sub-$50 over a series of phone calls - I repriced twice in the same week. I wasn't expecting the price drops due to it being a holiday sailing, but I took everyone I could find.
  11. Look into https://www.trinityreservations.com/ for park & cruise packages with free shuttles to/from the port. We can get to Cape Liberty in about 3 hours but have been stuck in traffic on 95 (as well as alternate roads) at all hours of the day and night and don't want to deal with that on the way to a cruise. I would rather chill at a hotel closer to the port the night before and take a shuttle at a price close to the cost of parking at the port. If you see the Ramada in Newark offered, it ticks all the boxes we look for. Nice property, secure parking, free shuttle, restaurant on site offers good food at reasonable prices. There are other properties in the area that would work as well.
  12. Look into https://www.trinityreservations.com/ for park & cruise packages with free shuttles to/from the port. We used this site for an Anthem cruise. For the same price of parking at the port, we got a nice room for the night before and secure parking while on the cruise. As long as you are ok with taking a shuttle back and forth, it can be a good deal. Used the site again for our cruise out of Baltimore next month - park & cruise package there was less than cost of parking at the port. hth
  13. Before getting to the Disney-type lines at Guest Services on Anthem, on the right hand side of the space is a counter with several tablets available where you can book stuff. Staff are waiting there to answer any questions. A few more random tidbits - If you need Shore Excursions - as you board the ship keep walking straight across the ship and you run right into that desk If anyone has purchased The Key and want to get their internet codes early, there is usually a staff person at a little podium outside Guest Services - left side when facing GS - the staff will look thru a printout and write the code down for you. hth
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