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  1. We bought full face snorkel masks from Wildhorn Outfitter via Amazon. We have used the regular snorkel equipment many times and feel that the full face masks are easier for swimmers of any ability to use. If you can breathe and float, you can snorkel with a full face mask. hth
  2. The best seats will vary from person to person. In my experience, the Key seats were not always the "best" seats in the venue. Some times, we decided to sit in other sections. I would suggest that on embarkation day or whenever you can, go into the venues and take a look around and figure out what looks good to you. Then when you head to the actual shows, you can compared the Key seating area to what you considered good seats earlier. Have a great trip.
  3. How big is a small Christmas tree? I would think a small table top size tree could work. I wouldn't do anything that would get in the way of the cabin steward tidying up the cabin for you. We have brought battery operated lights to decorate before without any problem. Happy cruising!
  4. Our data service through Sprint has worked very well at all the ports we have visited (Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Bahamas, lots of other islands). We usually call Sprint about a month before we cruise to check service levels if we are heading to a new country/port. So far, coverage has worked as explained by the rep and no extra charges have appeared before/after the trip. Keep in mind that the T-Mobile/Sprint merger is still working its way through the system, if that is a concern for you. Friends who had other major service providers had lots of difficulty using data in most ports and were charged crazy fees before and after the cruises. Some have since moved to Sprint.
  5. I booked the final sailing as well. I feel like I am running a tab with MEI Travel lately.
  6. We split the beds all the time. Nothing weird about it.
  7. I tried one of these before trivia started and couldn't think straight. I am not sure I even wrote our team name on the paper.
  8. Different C&A levels are "assigned" a lounge or area in the theater to wait before leaving the ship. There might be something to eat/drink offered, but it might not be the continental breakfast spread you might be imagining. The Key breakfast has a special menu for disembarkation day in the MDR. You can get the regular breakfast items available in the MDR just as the non-Key guests can enjoy on the last morning, but there are some special dishes. The one that sticks out for me if the steak and eggs that my husband ordered. He does not like the MDR for breakfast and that dish was the only way I got him to go there to check of the Key offerings. Key guests are usually seated in a separate section during that breakfast.
  9. You can also call RC and have the rep make the change. Two times I called for help: 1. When the cabana I had booked dropped in price, I didn't want to risk not being fast enough to rebook and the cabanas being sold out. 2. When we have 1 deluxe drink package and 1 refreshment - must have rep help to get price drops.
  10. When we went on Anthem this past April, we booked a stay/park/cruise package through Trinity Reservations and stayed at the Ramada on Frontage Road in Newark. Total price for room and parking was $218.00 (2 people/8 days of parking). Entire hotel property was fenced with gate to let you in and out. Parking lot was well lit. The shuttle got us back and forth to the port and we were the only passengers on each ride. Hotel was in good shape and the full serve restaurant/bar inside served good food and was reasonably priced for the area. There was also a small cafe area for quicker meals/drinks. I would stay at this hotel again. (Had I known that the shuttle didn't have an EZ-Pass for the tolls, I would have brought mine from my car to save a couple of minutes.) We weren't looking to go into NYC the day before the cruise, but Trinity might have some other hotels that have shuttles/options available to help you get to the city. https://www.trinityreservations.com/hoteloptions.php I know many people from CT/update NY/MA and other point north/east drive 3+/- hours to Cape Liberty the morning of the cruise, but I don't think I ever would. I drive in the NYC/Northern NJ area all year long and know the main/alternate roads very well. I also know that when things go wrong on those roads that it is a nightmare. That is not how I want to start embarkation day. If I was driving to Cape Liberty from the south or west, I would consider staying about an hour out at a cheap hotel and actually parking at the port. I think the roads from the south/west are easier to navigate even on embarkation day. The cost/benefit analysis in this case is a wash imho. I know we give up some time having to use a shuttle, but it works for us. Trinity worked out well enough at Cape Liberty that we booked a park/stay/cruise package for our cruise out of Baltimore in January. We will mosey down I-95 the day before and stay at the hotel. Total cost for this park/stay option is less than parking at the port. I will get on a shuttle to pay less.
  11. Did anyone else read the title of the thread and hear @Matt's voice say "Get ready to hear the Top Ten things that experienced cruises wish they had known before their first cruise............UP NEXT!!!" While I sit in timeout from posting, I am going to watch the replay of last night's live stream. 🍹
  12. There is Key seating for the shows, but keep in mind that the section is not big enough to seat every Key guest at the same time. There may be Key seats left at 10 minutes to curtain and then again the section might be completely full at that time.
  13. Are these the larger cabins that have no balcony, but come with full suite benefits? In the front of the ship?
  14. It is also $16.99 on Grandeur leaving 1/11/20.
  15. We have to be in Boston in early November for work and I made the mistake of googling how far away from these bakeries we will be. I didn't dare actually look at the websites as I am trying to stay on the straight and narrow path before our January cruise and this is NOT HELPING!!!!! Note to self: stop clicking on threads with "Pastry" in the title.
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