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  1. I would imagine that RCCL has to have a record, just to compare what people drank versus how much beverage was utilized on board.
  2. Dollar Store tea lights are awesome for a cruise cabin, no matter the size--doesn't take up any outlets or much space. (And you can find nice decorative ones too.)
  3. What everyone has said. Either they will take you around or change the itinerary, but either way, they will let you know.
  4. I have to agree, much better to do the coaster in the morning before everyone makes it to the back of the island and save the beach or other activities for the afternoon.
  5. It's my experience that most (larger) towns have more than one travel agent establishment, so you may want to check around your town and see if there is someone else who will get back to you--otherwise, go nation wide. 🙂
  6. We picked up a couple sets of packing cubes from IKEA recently, so will be giving them a try in October. We picked up a set from Walmart before our sailing in August and they worked quite nice.
  7. We managed to fit a CPAP in a carry on with clothes in the same bag too, but it depends on the size of the carry on. Fortunately, RC not really fussy about how much stuff you put in your carry on. Airlines are a little different...
  8. Go you YouTube and check out cruise Dollar Tree Haul videos. Great tips there.
  9. No experience on WOW Bands, but from what I understand... They function the same as your Sea Pass card: opening your room and charging your onboard account. (Think like the wrist bands given to you at some place like Great Wolf Lodge.) As I've heard, they are not available for pre-purchase. You have to go to guest services on board and purchase there. I've heard repeatedly that they are $5.
  10. My opinion is this: I'm on vacation! I have absolutely no desire to do laundry! That said, I knew that I needed to do a little during our 7-night sailing. I just put the clothes in a gallon bag with a little detergent, washed it in the shower, and hung it to dry in the stateroom. (Utilizing the clip hooks from the dollar store, on the magnetic walls.) Quick and easy and basically free.
  11. Congrats on your first cruise! We went with the three-night dining package as it seemed to be the most cost-effective way to enjoy some of the specialty dining as well as the regular (included options). We just didn't feel that the unlimited dining package would be worth our money as we wanted to have a diversity of food experiences. Don't regret our choice. Other persons' mileage may vary.
  12. Depending on your CPAP machine, it can fit in a normal size duffel bag. We also kept our tuxes for formal night in there, so as to get them out and hanging right away. But as others have said, things that you can't live without or are too high value to leave in checked luggage should go in a carry on.
  13. Repricing is best done through a call to Guest Services, IMO.
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