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  1. 2 sleeps to go! All clear with covid tests. Yay!
  2. I am really, really hoping so!! I'm thinking after April when current protocols expire that may happen.
  3. HI! We are sailing on Oasis in June (139 days to go)! My oldest daughter will have just turned 18. Are there any activities for the 18-20 crowd? Thanks in advance!
  4. Nordic Empress 2003 to Bermuda (we were married aboard ship).
  5. I'm so scared to fly! But maybe it's time to face my fears.
  6. Shopping for cruise clothes. i miss shopping period! And just the general excitement/counting the days. Someday....
  7. Would the refund/credit be issued to only the sick passenger or entire party?
  8. What did they do? I remember cruising during SARS (actually got married then so thank goodness nothing cancelled). All I remember was screening questions. What happened during other viruses?
  9. I know weather is unpredictable but it's supposed to be upper 40s and 50s the next 10 days in Bayonne area. We've been pretty spoiled by a mild winter, so I'm waiting for a turn for the worse but as of now no major snowstorms in sight. Happy cruising!
  10. Great post. 1. I love all of the options all in one place! I can go from relaxing to swimming to dancing all in one spot, all while traveling to a beautiful destination. And of course, the food! 2. Would love to go to Ireland/Scotland/England on any ship.
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