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  1. This IS good news. We are scheduled to go there in March and I was worried. If anyone does go, please give us a review!
  2. It was our first time too so I was really worried. The only thing that struck me was the phone number had a really scratchy voice mail message where I couldn't hear it. I was trying to call to confirm I didn't need to do anything. But as long as you don't try to call them, it was great. Very easy to figure out where to go, pick up was very quick too.
  3. We also used goport.com. We also stayed near the airport and had NO ISSUES getting to the port in time for our boarding time (which was noon). The hotel we selected was very nice too with decent food options close by. The return was equally seamless and even though I mad a slight mistake and booked a pretty early flight, everything worked out. We are definitely using this service again if we cruise out of Port Canaveral.
  4. There are some really good waterproof phone case lanyards out there. I used one on our recent cruise and was even able to take underwater video while in the ocean. Hubby likes to be less encumbered, so he would just cover his phone up with towels.
  5. That is really good to know! I am going to donate mine now. Thank you for the suggestion!
  6. At 10k points you get the next ship named after you....Mario of the Seas!
  7. I never knew this was a thing! I'm looking forward to looking for this next cruise!
  8. I would love for it to show where the ship is at any given time. I'm the kind of person who watches the "map" of the plane while flying to see where we are, and would love to do the same on a ship!
  9. Welcome to the boards! So for your questions: 1- I am not sure, I have never cruised out of Galveston. Someone else is sure to know, though! 2- It states your window starts 15 minutes early, so 1:45pm would be fine. If you are looking to board earlier, I recommend checking occasionally, as earlier times tend to open up again closer to sailing 3- I think every night has a formal (now dress your best night). You can be as formal as you want. On our most recent 3-night cruise, people wore everything from evening gowns to jeans and rock concert t-shirts 4- You need to use the app to reserve shows and dining once onboard. My advice (especially for dining) is to do it ASAP. Spots fill fast. I hope you have a wonderful cruise and I was able to be helpful!
  10. Great review! I was on Independence 12 - 15 November and agree with everything. I did not have a cabana at coco cay, but even the buffet on island for us peasants was outstanding. It was my favorite lunch.
  11. I love this and am so happy that this type of support is available. It cannot be easy to deal with, especially on a cruise where it's everywhere.
  12. Thanks everyone. First time I have seen that and thought it was just some really popular guy who was having some party or something on board. COMPLETELY different than the actual meaning!
  13. After reading through another post, I have discovered that this is a common thing. My question is what IS this, and who is this Bill W to have so many friends on so many ships?
  14. We were just on the Independence, and there was a LGBT event every night (only a 3 night cruise). I'm surprised to see just one event, but maybe someone set all our ship's events up?
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