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  1. Great idea! I will take a look and see. We already have our next one booked since we had to burn some FCC, but there is always the next next cruise!
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I was able to book one of our shore excursions and save about $10.00 per person. Every little bit helps!
  3. I am SOOOO ready finally get on a cruise that isn't cancelled. We received our docs today, and there is a form for booking your next cruise onboard. Is this worth it? Is it more worth it if the cruise is farther out, or soon? Are there any tricks I should know about? Thanks for your help!
  4. @Scooter6251We are now exactly 30 days out and our documents have arrived! They weren't there yesterday (I checked). So for us at least it was exactly 30 days.
  5. @D AltExcellent point! We are on Independence.
  6. We have a pretty early embarkation time and no unvaccinated passengers. This is our first RCL cruise, so I was wondering what's your tips and tricks for lunch on embarkation day? We prefer quieter venues, and I am not sure if the Solarium is open. Also, where should we sit for the best view? Thanks for your advice! Edit: We are on Independence of the Seas
  7. 34 days out and no documents, but I am not worried!
  8. How do you get this perk? Do you have to book through Amex Travel? What if you take advantage of booking a new cruise while on a cruise?
  9. I would TOTALLY have fallen for that, and would have likely asked others nearby if they could see the submarines.
  10. I had to update my app before I could load it for my Nov Indy cruise.
  11. Can you do those over a weekend? I haven't tried yet since my cruise is a month away.
  12. As someone who is fairly gullible (I once looked for a dictionary to prove that the word gullible was, indeed, in the dictionary) I love when my friends play good natured jokes on me. I find it fun and only get upset if it goes on too long or it doesn't stop when I ask. If she enjoys it, then I don't see a problem. I personally embrace my gullibleness (not actually sure if THAT one is in the dictionary....)
  13. Do you buy the plastic surrounding the luggage tags, or is that provided? First time on RC in about 35 days (fingers crossed that FOURTH time is a charm)!
  14. Maybe drop the car at the port and/or at EWR before your cruise and take a shuttle to/from the cruise?
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