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  1. Thank you! We are sailing out Christmas Eve, so that is so good to know. The way I figure, it's good practice for our Alaskan cruise in the summer!
  2. EVERYONE'S pets provide emotion support. My sorta trained dogs are a comfort and a Godsend. But they are not trained to the standards to be on a cruise, nor would I ever presume to take them everywhere on that basis. An emotion support animal is not a service animal, and a service animal has to go through rigorous training to be able to do their job. There are dogs that provide specific types of emotional support (like for PTSD) that are well trained to detect certain markers and provide support, but those are SERVICE dogs for an emotional disability. Not a pet that makes you feel good. They really do need to have a license for actual service animals and fine people for falsely claiming their animal is a service animal. The sense of entitlement displayed by people who do this is quite honestly disgusting and ranks right up there with people who park in handicap parking spaces illegally in my opinion. I'll step off my soapbox now.....
  3. I used GoPort the last time we sailed out of Port Canaveral. They have a package that includes a shuttle from the airport to a hotel, shuttle from hotel to port, and shuttle from port to airport. I found the cost to be very reasonable and overall a great experience. My only issue was I called to make sure my reservation was good (because I'm paranoid) and at the time their voicemail was awful and I couldn't understand what they were saying. But if I hadn't called, I would never have known.
  4. Thanks much! I was wondering if I should cancel his excursions now and risk them either being full or having to pay a lot more.
  5. Good evening fellow cruisers! We have a cruise coming up over Christmas. Long story short, one of our party MIGHT be denied boarding (is a Permanent Resident Alien of the U.S. but does not have a passport from his home country). We have excursions booked for several port of calls. If he is denied boarding, does anyone know if they will they refund his excursions? Thanks for the help!
  6. We usually get the Refreshment Package. I NEED my fancy coffee in the morning, and will usually pick up a water as well. Then there is the fresh squeezed orange juice and my personal favorite way to get fat on a cruise, fancy mocktails! I will down quite a few in a day, making it WELL worth it! I tried just getting the coffee card last time and had to really monitor my mocktail consumption, which probably saved me some calories, but at what cost????
  7. I WISH! They would have ALL my money if there were a bubble tea place on board!
  8. Happy Labor Day, My father in law is a permanent U.S. resident who has retained his Mexican citizenship. From what I have read from doing a search, he should be able to board closed-loop cruise using just his Green Card and his other documentation. I don't think he would be able to disembark in Honduras or Belize. However, since he is actually a citizen of Mexico, does anyone know if he would be able to get on and off the ship in Mexico? It would seem odd if he needed a Mexican passport to get off the ship, but I'm a little worried about getting back on the ship. For the record, he doesn't have a passport and probably won't have one by the time we sail. I plan on asking our TA, but wanted to see if anyone had actually tried this before and what the result was. Thanks!
  9. What ship? We were on the Jewel out of Miami and had an 11:30 time. I think 11:00 was the earliest. We were early (around 11am) due to me scheduling an uber from Ft Lauderdale early because I'm paranoid, but the line was not bad and it moved very fast. They took us upstairs and there was a waiting room to sit in until boarding began. They called people by their time, so when the 11:30 people were called, we got up and boarded. It was pretty painless, but it's a smaller ship and they were still operating under restricted capacity at the time. I hope it goes similarly well for you!
  10. Or like saying which is best, cake, pie, or donuts? It depends on the person, but all are delicious!
  11. Second those above that said what is above/below you are more important than the location of the balcony (unless it's obstructed). We have done mid and aft, and I prefer aft, but would not take an aft balcony that was likely to be too loud.
  12. Hubby and I were JUST talking about this last night. We also hope it is around for a good long while. Our plan is to sell our stock portfolio when we are ready to retire and do this. We both have pensions after retirement which should take care of the bills.
  13. That happened to us before. I would just call them and say that time will not work for your return flight. They should be able to book you on something closer to your original time. Typically, they put you on whatever flight and hope it works out, but sometimes it doesn't. But definitely call!
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