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  1. It looks to me like a miniature version of MSG Sphere Las Vegas. I'm pretty sure it's a new theater/venue. It's air conditioned and it's insulated, so it designed for comfort. Interesting that sits on the lower decks meaning it will be heavy which also means that it will house even more stuff, my guess, lighting LED screens, sound system and rigging structures.
  2. So, let's open the Pandora box!!! What do you think is The Sphere. If you don't know what we all talking about check RCB video here:
  3. Check this video I found. It will give you an idea if how nice are the port side street and boardwalk. It's a bit lengthy but... Trust me I'm a born/rised PR'ican. San Juan is nice cause locals actually visit Old San Juan, it's far from been a tourist trap. Hope this help:
  4. San Juan is a very good port for toddlers. It's all walkable, and looks to look at that will caugh baby's attention. I highly suggest you stay at the south side, bottom of the hill and don't walk up the streets, its a bit tiring, toddler may walk up but you will definitely carry him/her down. The Paseo de La Princesa is perfect to walk and sightseeing and will lead to the waterfront, very interesting for the baby. If you want to walk up the street go to the Plaza de Armas which is halfway and also nice to let you toddler walk and walk.
  5. Think I wish I knew... 1) Pack hoodies or light jacket. I'm born and raised in Puerto Rico and on my first cruise I realized that the nights on the Caribbean Sea can be breezy and a bit chilly if you stay outside for a bit. 2) Drink lots of water. Cruise food is excellent but blow me and my family up! Looked horrible on the formal night photos. Doing some research I learned dehydration due to and extra condiments may cause this. Some said the sea breeze but I'm not sure. Born and raised in the Caribbean and sea breeze didn't do that
  6. Yep. Feel free to switch between devices, @smokeybandita is right
  7. Thanks you so very much guys! @smokeybandit @[email protected] That's what I thought but I was not sure if Guess Services would be so accommodating, since we are messing with the “cabin rules" of the <21 yrs old.
  8. My wife and I are taking a family cruise with our 2 teens (ages 18 and 14) on the 8-night Mariner of the Seas departing this June 26. We booked 1 balcony and 1 interior cabins. Cabins are close, but of course not connecting. Because of our kids age, as you know, my wife and me had to split: me with one and wife with the other. But l, obviously that's not how we are going to occupied them. Questions: Are going to play musical Sea Pass card all cruise? I mean, passing the cards around every time one of them wants to go to their cabin? Can RCI make us a copy without invalidating the originals? Bear in mind, we purchase ultimate drinks package for us, and refreshments packages for them. So we will be asking for our cards every time we want a drink, and hear it got left in the cabin, or the classic "I don't know, just gave it to you".
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