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  1. Bar Tender pour me another drink. in fact just give me he bottle. haha
  2. this is going to be my first solo trip. 12 days and counting down. going to be so much fun. explorer sept 25 western Caribbean.
  3. no i just booked with a travel agent. just had to pay double the cost.
  4. I'm going solo and bought my deluxe drink package online just got to wait until it shows up with just one price.
  5. no concerns, just was asking what the possibility of being in a hurricane or tropical storm was. that's why they have whiskey on board right?
  6. what's the chances of being in a hurricane or a tropical storm going to the western Caribbean end of sept?
  7. I'm on deck 10 aft. no seasickness doesn't bother me. 5 minutes later over the edge. Haha jkjk I'm on explorer of the seas.
  8. which part of the ship is best to book a balcony front, middle or back of the ship?
  9. Damn. i think i will stay with the chicken sandwich and tacos. Tacos and Tequella yummy. thank you for the info
  10. just made this fat man hungry. that looks yummy
  11. what is everyone's favorite food can't miss out at cococay?
  12. what is everyone thoughts/Reviews of Explorer of the seas?
  13. My flight has changed 6 times since I booked it. It was supposed to be nonstop. Not anymore At this point as long as i get on the cruise on time. That's all I care about
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