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  1. I actually thought if that issue. I decided to make a little sign that says, “table still occupied”. That way I can leave an get more food and have my table still there. Hopefully that will help me.
  2. You have great spirit! I’m getting there. First solo for me, so I am a little nervous, but excited.
  3. That’s is funny about doing double on the food. It is a bummer paying for two for cruise fare. Something tells me it will be worth it. Thanks!
  4. That makes me feel much more at ease with the solo dining thing.
  5. Thank you! You are very kind! Good advice.
  6. I’m with you on the solo thing at home. I go out to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all the time alone. Movies are my favorite. Was divorced for four years, and I got used to that lifestyle and learned to really enjoy my alone time. IM newly married and I still do the same routine, unless my hubby wants to go, when he’s not busy working
  7. That’s wonderful! I guess you are a pro. Any specific important advice for me, being it’s my first time cruising and going solo, would be very much appreciated.
  8. I am a tad nervous. I love doing things alone, but never had 7000 plus people circulating all around me at the same time. I hope I like it. My new hubby can’t cruise due to a severe fear of the open ocean, so I’m on my own if I ever want to cruise. Unless I find a person to go. My cruise was booked years before I go married.
  9. I appreciate the feedback. Do you know if I can dine alone in the MDR or specialty dining places? I rather eat by myself. Sounds odd, I know.
  10. Makes sense! If I want to talk with others I can (as long as they are willing). If I want to be alone, I can. I like that. I tend to do a lot by myself. Eating out, shopping, movies. I find it so peaceful. I’ll plop down in a restaurant at home order my food and watch a movie on my phone. I don’t see it any different with my up coming cruise. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Awesome! I Love my alone time. I do a lot at home alone, so I’m thinking this may be a good experience for me. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! You actually sound a lot like me or at least how I assume it will be for me when I take my cruise. I’m marriage now for four months, but before that I was divorced for 4 and did everything alone. Occasionally with a friend, but I love my alone time. I’m thinking it will be the same on a cruise.
  13. So great to know I’m not alone doing the solo thing. Thanks for sharing!
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