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  1. Sounds like you had a great cruise! You obviously had good opportunities to meet other solos. Hopefully I will have the same experience on my sailing. I like that I can maybe talk and meet others if I choose and at the same time be alone, when I want. It's funny, when I first booked this cruise it was about 8 months before the cruiselines shut down for the pandemic. I had just finalized my divorce and was going through a lot and needed desperatly to get away to help me emotionally. Three years, 4 cancellations later and I am backed to normal and happy. I guess it worked out for me. I am going on the cruise that was intended for me to try and forget my sadness and worries, if only for a week and now I couldn't be happier and more excited about life going on vacation. I guess like they say, "Time heals all wounds"
  2. I appreciate the feedback! While I love being around people and doing things together, I do love my alone time and LOTS of it. I agree, you can do everything on your own time, plus you get your cabin ALL to yourself. Now, I like that thought! Lol I hope I don't become a basket case right before the cruise. The flying alone, the riding in an uber or lyft alone and just the whole processing to get to the ship is making me stressed, in itself.
  3. Thanks! It's funny because I did read on other forumns about solo cruising and a couple mentioned the same thing about people wondering or asking why you decided to go it alone. Thanks for the comment about Italy. I hope one day I can get that brave and travel to a place like that. I chose a cruise for now, since it's contained on a ship with lots to keep me busy and if I choose to adventure off on the islands, I still have that option. Maybe next adventure? By the way, you cruise a lot!! Love it!
  4. Have a fun time! Looks like I will be getting off and you will be getting on right after me LOL. My cruise on the Symphony is from May 7-13th, 2022. I have to add, only if your are sailing from Miami too, that is
  5. Thank you for sharing all your experience. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! I hope I experience the same. My divorce became final 3 years ago and I decided to step outside the box and try something new, that I would never have done in the past. Nervous, scared, but very excited.
  6. Thank you! I will definatly check out your link.
  7. Symphony of the Seas, May 7th, 2022. First cruise and SOLO!
  8. Hi Everyone! Anyone planning a cruise on the Symphony of the Seas next May to the Eastern Carribean? Are you cruising with people or doing it solo? I am curious especially, if you are cruising solo.
  9. Just curious, if anyone has cruised solo before. How was it? Did you find it weird or uncomfortable in any way. Did you meet or find others doing the solo thing too? Any tips for me? This is my first time and although I am excited to try this new adventure, I will admit I am nervous at the whole process. DId you find it boring? I love doing things on my own a lot, so not too concerned about that. Hope to hear about others experience!
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