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  1. Just wondering if able to bring aerosol can of lysol on to spray down the room?
  2. We are on Oasis in sky class ( 2 BR grand suite). I know beer and wine is free 11- late in evening. If you dine at coastal is your beer/ wine when seated included?
  3. This makes my decision on the drink package a no brainer.....I have maybe a glass before dinner ( in lounge)and maybe one at dinner. I will pay for the one at dinner!
  4. We are booked on Oasis in a 2 BR grand suite. I have been seeing conflicting information and was wondering if anyone who has recently been on can answer. In the suite lounge are beer and wine all day or just in the evening? Trying to decide if beverage plan is worth it.
  5. We switched from Allure to harmony and had to pay 100 dollar fee per person but the cruise was cheaper. Ended up saving thousands in the end even with the penalty!
  6. Thank you. I am sure I will miss the haven bar for my pre dinner glass of wine every night too....Hoping things will all balance out in the end between two lines. Bliss is our next ship too....Waiting for itinerary to change down the line
  7. Sweet Pea we are NCL cruisers. Always stayed in haven 2 Br family suite. Since the new ship Bliss is doing Alaska now decided to try Royal. Staying in 2 BR aquatheatre. Couple of questions......Did u miss the Haven Courtyard? We spent a lot of time on upper deck longe area. Not worried about the pool but a little worried about getting a chair on sea days in Solarium or suite deck. What about Coastal kitchen? I did like the haven restaurant that u didn’t need a reservation? Any tips would be helpful thanks
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