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  1. After checking our bags in about 10:30 we went for a walk around the rocks came back to the terminal lined up and filled out our medical forms. After lining up we were checked at the first check in gate, the gentlemen read our medical papers checked for our sea pass and id’s. said all good and sent us along. We then went up to the gates and were checked again to be told we had to go to see someone else. Once seen we were told we couldn’t go on the cruise because my wife is a diabetic. After the shock of that we were then told it was going to take up to four hours to retrieve our language. (took 4hours and 45minutes) The quest relations manager was no help and refused to give direct answers. Originally said they’d pay for accommodation then reneged on that. He was told and shown there were others already on the ship and didn’t seem to care. No compassion what so ever. we are not very happy coming all the way here to find out we are not on the cruise, that aside we could probably live with. BUT, why weren’t we stopped or asked at luggage drop off about any medical problems so we didn’t check our bags and had to wait nearly 5 hours to collect our bags rubbing more salt into the wound. No offers of water/food or any understanding or compassion at all. Disgraceful performance ! Shame Shame Shame.
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