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  1. We are thinking about ordering room service for lunch on embarkation day once the staterooms are ready to avoid the buffet rush. Does anyone know if room service is available that early on embarkation day?
  2. Thanks all. Good to know stuff is generally safe.
  3. We are sailing on Explorer soon. Does anyone know if there are lockers on the ship to store bags while swimming? We are hoping to get in the pool and hot tubs after boarding before muster but we don't want to leave our bag with passports and money in on chairs while we are swimming.
  4. We are sailing in October. We bought the refreshment package in a sale but now we have rethought and want to do deluxe. Fingers crossed for another sale.
  5. I know we never know if or when drinks packages will go on sale but does anyone know if the deluxe package is likely to go on sale in the next couple of months?
  6. I am 99% sure it is placebo but I take two paracetamol just before going to bed when drinking. I find it helps.
  7. It depends on what you like. There are no bad choices on the ship. Chops is fantastic if you like steak. You could happily eat at the main dining room most if not all days and be satisfied in my opinion.
  8. I am sailing on Explorer in October. Can't wait!
  9. We have the refreshment package for our next cruise and I have tried to find a list of mocktails online but the pictures of drink menus don't seem to have much. Does anyone know if different bars serve different mocktails and is it possible to ask for a cocktail from the menu without the alcohol? If so would that be covered on the package? Thanks
  10. I was hoping they would be on our room for sail away. I will request it when booking and keep my fingers crossed.
  11. I have now been told by someone else at RC that it is a bottle you get through cruise planner. Makes more sense than what I was originally told.
  12. Take a good stock of medicine and a basic first aid kit for things like plasters should you need them. You can buy over the counter medicine in the shop on the ship however it is really expensive and you don't want to have to go to the ship doctor to patch up a small scrape should you have one as that can get really expensive. Mush better to take a small stock of things and sort it out yourself if possible.
  13. We are already taking advantage of this and bringing two on. The Champagne was an extra.
  14. I think that is correct. The person I spoke to on live chat seemed to struggle with what I was asking. This makes much more sense.
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