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  1. I just got back from my cruise and did the BFK and LFK and loved it. It looked exactly how I imagined and what the pictures showed. We had a "pig swim" included in our package which was fun but you're not obligated to do it if you aren't interested. Things included for no additional cost were the rope swing, kayaks, and a stand up paddleboard. I did see an inflatable water park but I'm not sure if you had to pay or not. There were other people but it wasn't overcrowded. We accidentally skipped lunch because we were having so much fun, but I hear the food is good as well. Only "complaint"
  2. Just a few days away from our cruise on the Liberty this weekend. Very excited, but I always get a bit of anxiety in the days leading up to vacation for fear that something will go wrong. Today I got an email saying they're going to be doing "routine maintenance" by divers on the ship on embarkation day, and our departure is being postponed from 4pm to Midnight. I have two worries: A. Its going to be raining here pretty bad from now until the cruise on Sunday (I live in the same city as the port), and I'm nervous the weather will be too dangerous to perform said maintenance, and the cruis
  3. Yeah I’ve heard Costa Maya isn’t the best port. We’re still really excited about the ATV’s though!
  4. @WAAAYTOOO Ooops I didn't elaborate, sorry...I had meant to ask if we can head back to the ship once we got to the "beach break" portion of the excursion. I don't think the tour guides would be very happy with me if I decided to take a "self-guided tour" on their equipment lol! I did some more research on TripAdvisor and I do believe we are able to leave once we get to the beach if we want. We will definitely give it a chance, I just don't like the idea of being "trapped" if I'm not having fun.
  5. @Colbysmom Thanks for the response! I'm sure it will be fine and at least I'll be prepared. But if we wanted to go back to the ship early are we allowed to leave on our own?
  6. Does anyone know if you can go off and do what you want when you get to the beach, or do you have to stay there until it’s time to go back to the ship? I’ve read some reviews that the beach is not that great and we’d really like to find another beach or do some shopping if we don’t like it.
  7. Has anyone done the Exclusive Champagne Snorkel in Cozumel from a RCCL cruise on TripAdvisor? Back story: I was looking at excursions through Carnival's website, because they are mostly the same as RC except they have reviews from people who've done it. The Champagne Snorkel got straight 5-star reviews, boasting an excellent staff and a small group. I went back to the RC cruise planner to book it, but to my dismay, it's not on the list! I'm wondering if there's a reason, like the timing. I did find it on TripAdvisor, but a bit nervous to book in case something goes wrong. I'd feel a lot b
  8. Thanks for the advice! @JennyB- I definitely know we can use it on board...but how frustrating for them to have something that you can only book on a future cruise! We don't cruise often (this is only our second one, first with RC), so we would have no use for that. I will definitely not recommend them again. @VolFanInGa- Did your redemption email come straight away or did it take a few days? When I had called she didn't see any record of it at all and we have not received an email. I did take a look at the terms and conditions and nothing was said about only being able to u
  9. My In-Laws did it back in September and loved it. We were thinking about doing the same one on our Cruise in May. They did say the catamaran was basically a "booze cruise" and people did get loud on the way back. It didn't bother them, but not sure how you'd feel about that if you have kids with you. As for the beach, that was great as well, and even as older adults they themselves used the inflatables and slides and had a blast. I can't say exactly how much time each event was but I know they were satisfied.
  10. My husband received a couple gift certificates from his family for RCL for us to use towards excursions and other things. It is taking a while to be linked to our account, so I called to check the status and the girl I spoke with said we cannot use it to pre-purchase anything; that we have to wait until we board our ship to start using it. Can someone confirm this is true? This is rather disappointing as I am a planner and wanted to have all my excursions/dinner packages set up so we can relax once we've boarded.
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