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  1. last day to post for awhile, going to Colombia (South America) returning 14 September.
  2. We changed froom Radiance of the Seas 27 February to 30 January, due to price. Going, John, Myriam, and our son Robert. Ony 151 days to go
  3. this is my last posting, ready to depart tomorrow
  4. good morning 0 daysto go, our ship is at sea today, and tomorrow will be in Galveston for our boarding, it will be 83/91 sunny. While inHuntsville today it is 74/96 sunny. This might be my last posting.
  5. good morning only 1 day to go, which is Sunday, then Monday our day to board. our ship is at Cozumel 83/89 sunny, Huntsville 75/98 sunny.
  6. checked cruise ships in port and nothing changed for 15 and 19 August
  7. good morning only 2 days to go, our ship is at Costa Maya 80/93 cloudy, Huntsville 75/95 sunny. Myriam took her security photo last night, so everything is now done. We just have to pack and wait.
  8. good morning only 3 days to go, and do you realize that Monday is our boarding day. Our ship is at sea. Huntsville 75/96 sunny
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