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  1. I heard from somewhere that Royal will no longer have DreamWorks Characters is this true, when is it going to stop, and what are they going to replace them. It too bad they're not Disney Charters but there was something and our family was looking forward to meeting them.
  2. Booked Sept 2018. Harmony of the Seas out of Port Canaveral May 26-June 2nd. Category 7D ocean view balcony. Travel agent quoted $6532. Checked Black Friday sales and price had dropped to $5961. On a whim looked a the website again and price is down to $5221. After pointing this out to travel agent both times we were able to get lower fare (these are all still refundable fares). A price drop of 20%? Is there something we don't know about this sailing or ship? Thinking we should keep checking prices at least until final payment is due - how does price dropping affect the TA are we taking away from her bottom line?
  3. mschmitt

    5 Night Dining Package

    Thank You All
  4. We are going on Harmony of the Seas in May 2019 and the Cruise Planner is not offering the 4&5 Night Dining Package only the 2&3 Night Dining Package and the Ultimate Dining Package does anyone have an idea why and if Royal will offer 4&5 Night Dining Package closer to the sailing. Thanks For Your Help
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    The Key

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    The Key

    Hi Has anyone had any experience with "The Key" option it looks interesting but I am not sure it worth the 19.99 Adult per day price? Thank
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    Current Black Friday Sale

    Thanks If we still have not heard from the travel agent could we ourselves just book with Royal for the same saling for the discounted price and cancel with our travel agent
  8. Booked through a travel agent for our next cruise. Royal Caribbean website is showing the fare to be $1107 cheaper under the current sale. Confirmed we are looking at same sailing, same category, same deck the only difference I can find is the cruise is now 6 months away so the non-refundable deposit is in play. Travel agent is not responding to email request to see if current sale is applicable to our booking. Are we missing something?? Any advice? I know we can't contact Royal directly because it is a travel agency booking. Travel agency is well known and specializes in Royal. Thanks
  9. We just made final payment for on our 8 day cruise on Navigator of the Seas in May 2016 we have a question on my time dining. We are a family of 3 and we like to eat alone when you do my time dining is it more likely to get a table by ourselves or would we be put in random larger table with three open sets. Or could we request a table for three in one of two main settings, how does this work? Thanks
  10. So is there a 20 percent discount on any Specialty Restaurants that you attend on the first night
  11. We are looking at Specialty Restaurants for on our 8 day cruise on Navigator of the Seas we are trying to decide what’s days would be good to try the specialty restaurants. We thought if we knew what was being service in the main dining room that would help. Does Royal Caribbean post the menus ahead of time for the main dining room if so could someone post a link. If anyone has any other suggesting of what days they do main dining vs. specialty restaurants we would be interested to hear Thanks
  12. Thanks for all your help we just book 8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Navigator of the Seas out of Fort Lauderdale with Stephanie from mei-travel . We decided to go with the Navigator of the Seas instead of Allure of the Seas because of the price and because of the ports we would be visiting and the extra day did not hurt. We are just setting up our online account with Royal and will start looking into shore excursions and dining. Again thanks everyone for there input and I sure we will have more questions as we go threw the process.
  13. We are thinking of taking a Royal Caribbean cruise for the first time March 2016. We have done one Carnival cruise which we did not like and four Disney cruises that we love. We are looking at 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise on Allure of the Seas or 8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Navigator of the Seas both out of Fort Lauderdale. Which cruise ship would you recommended for a family of three for our first experiences on Royal Caribbean and why. Thank You ​