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  1. How do these work? Book the cruise with TA and then apply? Or does the cruise have to be cooked with Casino only?
  2. I am on the 9 Day intensive Alaska cruise in May 2021 and that too has disappeared. I have booked excursions for all my stops.
  3. I volunteered because in order for all to return to normality, I was happy to be involved in training the crew the new ways of cruising. I want all to cruise safely and to do that staff need training. How else are they going to learn the right way and allow us to enjoy our future vacations.
  4. We even sent them a screenshot of the terms on the redeem page and they said to take it up with them. Very disappointing
  5. Let me know if they take both rewards as they will only accept 1 reward Code from us
  6. They are saying that it is only 1 per booking now yes the terms and conditions are so confusing
  7. Have the rules changed? So confusing as one part says “ Limit one cruise reward per player per sailing” and the detailed t&c says one per booking at times make no sense whatsoever! husband I play MyVEGAS and redeemed 2 rewards for $100 obc yet they will only accept 1. Can anyone help?
  8. The reason I am asking is that I booked with a week ago and since then price has gone down and even though RCL are happy to change the booking to the new price Iglu insist that RCL will not do it. I just wished I hadn’t booked with them. Their customer service is pathetic just not worth the hassle tbh.
  9. Has anyone used this company? And how do you rate them?
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