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  1. My doctor refused to sign my letter, not because I wasn’t fit to travel or had any chronic illness but because the government had issued guidance to 70’s an overs not to travel at this time. Hopefully once we get over the current Covid-19 crisis things will return to normal again. Here’s hoping anyway, otherwise it looks like I won’t be cruising again.
  2. Well, we also have 3 upcoming cruises with P&O (Carnival Group) and they have not asked for this declaration.
  3. Yes, it is rediculous. Many fit and well 70's and over will not be able to cruise while RCCL persist with this requirement. I know that I will not be able to cruise again on RCCL until they remove this requirement and I have two more cruises booked at the moment. I may have to cancel them and I certainly won't be booking any more until the situation changes. Seems like RCCL may have shot themselves in the foot this time.
  4. Watch out over 70’s - even if your doctor signs that you are fit to travel on a cruise holiday, if the government guidelines are saying that 70 and overs should not travel, then if you don’t follow the guidelines it may invalidate your holiday insurance cover.
  5. I took the letter to my doctor today and he refused to sign it. He had no problem in confirming that I was not suffering from any of the listed chronic illnesses but he said he could not attest to me being fit to travel on a cruise ship since the UK government had issued guidance to all over 70’s advising not to travel on a cruise ship. Looks like I will not be allowed to travel on our March 23 cruise. 😂😡
  6. I received an email this morning from RCCL stating that from Monday March 16th all persons aged 70 or older need to obtain doctors certification that they are fit to cruise before being allowed onboard. They issued the following template letter to take to my doctor for, would you believe, my cruise on Jewel of the Seas on Monday March 16th, which was cancelled a couple of days ago. 😂😡 By the way, it takes 2-3 weeks to get such a letter from my doctor and they charge £30 for this. 😂
  7. We are currently rescheduling our flights to Dubai for the March 23 cruise but I am not very confident that it will go ahead. We will be keeping our fingers crossed anyway. Let’s hope you are right.
  8. Jewel of the Seas March 16th cruise: Official notice of cancellation received this morning from RCCL. We have also received information from our Canadian friends who are currently onboard Jewel of the Seas that the Guest Services staff onboard are saying that it is very likely that the March 23rd cruise may also been cancelled. However, no official word has yet been received from RCCL to confirm this.
  9. @accio7 thanks for posting the link to the video. It explains very well what is going on. 👍🏻
  10. I hope you’re right as we are on the 23rd March cruise as well. Let’s wait and see.
  11. Thanks WAAAYTOOO. We are due to fly out to Dubai on Friday and have still heard nothing from RCCL, nor has my TA. 😡
  12. Thanks for the update Matt. I don’t know what other gulf ports they can go to as they all seem to closed to cruise ships.
  13. Latest update. Ship still in Dubai. Passengers not allowed to leave until the results of the two ill passengers tests come back. The Captain announced an hour ago that he will make a further announcement between 6 and 7 local time in Dubai.
  14. It is not a wild guess. Just posting what I am hearing from friends who are onboard at the moment.
  15. I suggest that you read my post earlier today - Jewel of the Seas stuck in Dubai - Not looking good for future sailings.
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