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  1. Does anyone which cabin balconies get soot or don't get soot on them on voyager class ships looking at either deck 10 or deck 8 aft balconies
  2. Hi we are sailing explorer of the seas ex Sydney , are the packages worth getting?? Have heard that internet is extremely slow. Any help with this matter is appreciated
  3. Exporer of the Seas 19 March 2017
  4. Hi I think i know the answer to the question but i will ask anyway. Just wondering if there are DVD Players in Junior Suites??
  5. Hi Just wondering if anyone else is going on this cruise. This is my first cruise so am looking forward to it Cheers
  6. Does anyone know what types of pods the machines use and if they includes pods with the machine in the room. I am sailing from Sydney Australia and wondering whether you can gets pods here in Aus that work in the machine Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Just wondering if these packages are worth buying in advance?
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