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  1. Hi all and long time no text! Been hunkering down taking care and being smart. For me that meant a current lift and shift of two cruises and a refund of a cancelled celebrity cruise. Just to help with the question, the 90% was early NYC numbers but were only a subset of Covid cases. Latest research has the vent rate from 25 to 50 percent. This is a good article that covers the numbers. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/05/15/856768020/new-evidence-suggests-covid-19-patients-on-ventilators-usually-survive Be well!
  2. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/85/royal-caribbean-anuncia-suspensioacuten-global-de-cruceros/ Everyone be safe, smart and calm. We will be sailing again soon.
  3. Although many will be disappointed I am sure that what is happening Is close to worst case scenario for the cruise industry. On the bright side, from past comments, the boardwalk rooms will have a better view of the ocean, maybe the full Sabor stays and is unique. Less rooms means slightly less people. An Oasis class ship as originally intended. Just trying to stay positive as my 2 day romantic getaway on Celebrity has been cancelled.
  4. Thanks @monorailmedic for all the info. I booked the April two day cruise as a weekend get away. We are looking forward to trying Royal's sister cruise line. Thought we would wait until Diamond status to branch out but the deal and timing was perfect! Not putting the March to Diamond on hold. This is just a bonus weekend that we would not have done. 47 days and counting!!
  5. Thanks all for the comments. We have recently move to Florida so I'm thinking of booking a 2 nighter as a Valentine's day surprise gift 💞 Now just have to decide on the different cabin classes 🙂
  6. I have been on seven RC cruises and swore that I will forge ahead on RC until Diamond status. At that point with status being recognized O thought I would branch out to Celebrity. Well, the cruise bug has caught me and I am looking at 2 day get aways to carry me over until my next week long cruise. Have others been on such short cruises? Was it worth it to you? Any suggestions pro or con would.be appreciated? Thanks.
  7. Note: I love live blogging but did not during my EOS Western Caribbean 7 day cruise so I thought I could create a few review type posts... Here it goes! We always like to do something new so scootering seem like a good fit. Plus we never been completely around the island so this adventure seem to be perfect to check off both. A quick Google review let us to a local scooter rental place just off of the Town Center. Pepian rental is run by a single gentleman named Jesus. Just as the reviews said, he was helpful, friendly, and rented equipment that was top notch. We didn't haggle as we thought $30 for the entire day was more than fair. Off we went on a single scooter with general directions to get us to the other side of the island. Driving with straightforward with simple controls and you need to shift gears. I had never driven a scooter and was able to get the hang of it and just a couple minutes. After about 10 minute drive we hit the Caribbean side of the island. What a beautiful landscape with breaking waves along the coast and unique scrub vegetation 4 miles in front of us. Every few miles there was either beach club or bar if you wanted to stop. We took a few breaks and a lot of photos. Ticket when we rounded back to the busier Westside we stopped at Alberto's for a nice relaxing lunch right on the beach. After exploring some of the neighborhoods we also stopped at Carlos Beach club. The building was wonderful but the beach chairs were a little tight and beat up. Still, in both places the food was delicious and the service was top-notch. Back on the scooter we shot by the cruise piers and headed back into town. Glad I had the few hours on the scooter as we were definitely part of the typical traffic it's the city. Honestly, I always felt safe and in control during our 25 or 30 mile round trip. I know that this excursion it's not for everyone but it ranks with some of the best that we have done. The ability to be in control of your time and your destinations while enjoying the wind in your face was an A+ experience. Let me know if you have any questions! Over the next couple days I'll review what we did on our stops in Belize, Roatan, and Key West. I do hope that these reports are helpful.
  8. Hello all - I first discussed plant based options on this blog last September when RC released the new vegan menu in the MDR. The experience then on Majesty was top notch. They treated us like everyone else ordering at the same time and getting our food timed with the regular menu. The food was spectacular and resulted in the tables next to us wanting to know what we were eating. Those high expectations were not met on Empress terms of the vegan menu. The first two nights the food was a half hour behind and they asked us to order the night before. It may seem reasonable but does change the whole dynamic. Hard to explain plus it didn't speed up service with us still be served way late. In addition, the same menu items from the earlier cruise were not created in the same way and were not nearly as good. Long story short, the incredible wait staff noticed and got Richard, the MDR manager involved. The next five nights were a treat. Richard made suggestions of plant based possibilities from both the regular, vegan menu, and other off menu items. He insisted on serving us each night. Even the head chef, Karl came out one night to find out how the vegan menu could be improved. (honestly, that was a bit intimidating) My final plant based advice on Empress is just ask. Empress, being small with limited space do have milk substitutes, veggie burgers, etc out on the buffet so you just need to request them. Everyone was happy to get the options for you. To be clear, the Empress of the Seas didn't disappoint anywhere else and was simply magical. Certainly, the smallest ship with the biggest heart!
  9. So excited to almost be back in cruise mode. We will be in an aft cabin and looking forward for a totally different ship experience than the Oasis and Freedom classes. Never embarked out of Miami so looking for any tips on: - parking. I see that it's $22 a day but there seems to be off site parking for under 10 with shuttle. Anyone have experience with either? - does Empress use the new terminal? I know we are set up for face recognition so it made me wonder. - this isn't a port question but as you know we are plant based eaters and have loved the special vegan menu cards. Being the smallest ship, can anyone confirm that EOS is also doing those menus? That's it for now! I was thinking of live blogging as I have done the last couple of years but Empress has been covered so well as of late. Not sure I can add more to the conversation. Guess it will depend on if I can contain my excitement. 😀
  10. As of 12/18/19 this was the list in the Google Play store. Just checked in using it for my January Empress cruise. Passport and photo uploaded so I can't wait to walk right on to the ship!
  11. Exciting times to be on an Oasis class ship. Life boats are on deck 5 so count up three balcony levels from them and you will find deck eight. Hope that helps.
  12. Just posted about a favorite quiet spot on Freedom being turned into rooms. Now the Oasis Sundeck will be gone. Well, I love panorama OV rooms so I may have to try one out. Still, I will miss the hide away sun deck and telescopes. Photos from Oasis last September. 😀
  13. I do understand the need to add rooms and in theory it keeps the price down. Most times they are added to space that I don't use but I will miss the quiet space forward of the Solarium. (On either side) If my memory is correct, RC is taking away the 20 or so chairs accessed through glass doors. It was fully windowed so out of the weather and wind but full ocean view. I remember being treated to a mini Barbershop quartet concert as we sailed with a large group of them a few years back. Still, Freedom will remain one of my favorite ships!
  14. I can help with Maine as I have lived here for 25 years. Portland - very walkable small city. You are right in the old port area that is a mixture of shops, restaurants, and yes, brew pubs. You may want to take a morning tour that will take you aroind town and to some light houses and walk the cobblestone streets of the old port. Tip -If you have a chance to climb the last remaining N.E. ship signal observatory on a tour, go for it. It's unique with an incredible history. Bar Harbor - Home base to the northeast's only National Park. It's an amazing place were the ocean meets not only the rocky coast but the mountains rising up to 1500 feet from sea level. If at all possible go explore the park. You may be limited to the park loop road but there are enough stops to get a flavor of the park. The downtown is charming and very well kept. Tip - I have hiked up most of the peaks on the island but with time constraints, find a tour that drives you up Cadillac mountain. 360 degree views and your ship will look like a bath toy from up there. Enjoy!!
  15. I do not have first hand info as I have rented a car and another time, just took the water taxi. I can confirm the port has clearly posted prices at the taxi area with each destination having a seperate banner. By the clarity of price, it seems like haggling is at a minimum. I searched taxis on the island and came across this link http://taxistmaarten.com/ Love the island so enjoy!
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