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  1. We were at Coco Cay, South Beach yesterday and there were many around and people did get stung. Good news was that it appeared to be more of a nuisance for folks rather than a lot of pain. Friends at the lagoon said there were none there.
  2. Fairly recent diamond here and currently on Explorer of the Seas. Really enjoying the outside portion of the D-lounge here as a quiet alternative to most of the packed topside areas. Love the back stairs access from deck 13. Also a nice place to bring up food from the Windjammer when it's packed.
  3. This our part two of our first back to back cruise. Can't wait to continue after visiting the ABC islands.
  4. Excited to be back on aboard since March. It will be our first back to back cruise. Both Jr Suites but will have to move decks between cruises.
  5. From my experience walking and running on ships, there was no apparent smoking on the Oasis class running track. No chairs except a few in back plus I didn't see those ash tray receptacles in all my laps. They may have been there but never used. It's a different story on Freedom and Voyager classes for the deck 5 promenade. Always seen smoking with chairs to relax on the port side. Running is also forbidden by the signage as they want you to use the track topside. (which they cut off to make more cabins but that is another thread)
  6. I also agree that the lot by the terminal is great but last week it was full before noon. I was loosely directed to follow the car in front of me to the parking garage. Never even knew it existed. Signs were not great and it required a decent walk but well worth it. No signs that there was a shuttle back to the terminal so I felt bad for any who are less mobile than we were.
  7. Like the others, I hope you have a speedy recovery. If your intent is to cruise when you are healed, I suggest you look into the special "cruise with confidence" pandemic program. It seems that it would work for you as it runs for cruises through September 2022. (For all bookings as of the end of this month) You won't get your deposit back but it would be applied to any cruise you would take within a year of your original sail date.
  8. Yes, we have been lucky to have done two since the restart but this, while understandable, hurts. Would have been our first as Diamond.
  9. Our cruise is on the list... Gutted at the moment.
  10. Welcome aboard! We also haven't set up excursions with all the flux in ports. Will just go with the flow and probably make our own way at the ports. It's funny how our first few cruises were "we have to book through Royal or we could be left behind" to now, let's just see what works best.
  11. We are on board and looking forward to trying this class of ship! Third cruise since the Royal Comeback and first as a Diamond member.
  12. September on Symphony let me count the ways... - Just getting back on the ship was a hint of normalcy after 18 months - loved the reduced crowds as it felt safe and took away any typical crowd crunch points in any typical cruise - the fellow passengers were respectful and happy to just follow protocols to cruise. That changed a bit by November - I enjoyed spending money and helping the economy of the port countries get going again - no lines on the water slides.
  13. I am currently at Coco Cay finishing my 2nd cruise back on Freedom at 80% capacity or so depending on who you ask. We feel safe with the protocols but also make choices based on our comfort level. We have left a number of elevators when 10 plus people decide to crowd on ignoring the signs for five max. Also about 80% mask inside while walking but not sure if the others are indifferent or ignorant of the protocols. Yes, I know it's safer than many other land options but people make the choice to cruise based on what the published protocols are. It would be great if everyone followed what we all signed on for.
  14. Hi Brian C, I am sure there are full reviews out there but it does come down to what you define is acceptable. Glatt kosher is tough as I am sure preparation of any food kosher or not is not separated from dairy and meat. That is why at the MD you will see the kosher meals sourced from a kosher vendor in separate tin containers for those following strict Kashrut rules. For me, I am more vegan than kosher and and love the separate vegan menu choices. Those ingredients work unless you want them certified kosher. Those have no limit if you wanted two of something.
  15. All for the Royal posting the protocol through March for planning purposes. Also happy with them. As stated above, we just are not there yet as the pandemic still lingers. Now if Royal would just spread out the main dining room tables of two a bit more. Well honestly, that was a request from before the pandemic
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