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  1. Well, at least Symphony of the Seas is! Just happy to see it going somewhere even if it's to dry dock in Spain We have a cruise on her booked for September 11th. A lift and shift but still think it's a 50-50 proposition if it sails. If it's safe, we are looking to getting back on the ocean. Cruising by far, is our favorite vacation mode! (I may be bonkers when I see SOS sailing back across the Atlantic to start taking on passengers sometime soon!) Be well all,
  2. RBRSKI, good points and questions. Under the current numbers, we would prefer to cruise knowing that fellow cruisers are vaccinated. If the numbers drop in the population then I would say that would change my equation. Having a home in Maine and Florida, I have seen the same large rise in home value in both states. Each state has handled the pandemic much differently so I really don't see it as a political issue but more as an urban exodus, remote work induced freedom. Back to cruising, after many postponements, I am hopeful for a 9-11-21 cruise on Symphony as my personal res
  3. I respectfully disagree with a some of comments that have been mentioned above. I fully support businesses deciding on requiring proof of vaccination since this is a public health issue. At the current level of new cases, I would feel better about cruising again knowing that the person sitting at the row of two person dining tables was vaccinated. (They are ridiculously close) Also norovirus to COVID are not comparable. Yes there are 900 deaths annually but there have been 500,000 deaths COVID related. The level of risk is in a different category. Finally, I wish my governor woul
  4. We are on the SOS for this September. Like everyone else, it's not a great bet at the moment so maybe another L&S. Funny, instead of recognizing the cruiser with the most Crown and Anchor points I can see the cruise director acknowledging the cruiser that booked the cruise the longest time ago... "Now who has booked the cruise over three years ago? Please stand up" applause from the crowd.
  5. As always, thanks for the feedback. Could not pass up the double wide balcony and am happily in 7152. When COVID hit we had three cruises booked for the first time. Cancelling, lift and shifting throughout the year but am now back to three on the books. Let's hope we are in a good place so my September Symphony cruise goes as planned.
  6. In feeling positive about the future, I am exploring different cruises and ships to book. My question is about aft balcony cabins on Vision class especially Rhapsody. As I would assume all have larger balconies but are the aft cabins on the ends on deck 7 also wrap around? Any other pluses or minuses for those cabins. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  7. I searched the posts but didn't see this news listed yet. Apologies if it's already been mentioned. It is interesting that it's going to a cruise start up especially in this environment. Needless to say, I happy the Empress is not heading to scrap for a while. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24117-former-royal-caribbean-ship-empress-of-the-seas-sold-to-indian-startup
  8. I have been fairly quiet here just shifting and lifting while maintaining my bubble. Our last two sailings were on Majesty (9-19) and Empress (1-20). We found a new appreciation for the smaller ship experience. Sorry to see them leave the fleet but happy to have had a chance to sail them. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Holidays!!
  9. Hi all and long time no text! Been hunkering down taking care and being smart. For me that meant a current lift and shift of two cruises and a refund of a cancelled celebrity cruise. Just to help with the question, the 90% was early NYC numbers but were only a subset of Covid cases. Latest research has the vent rate from 25 to 50 percent. This is a good article that covers the numbers. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/05/15/856768020/new-evidence-suggests-covid-19-patients-on-ventilators-usually-survive Be well!
  10. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/85/royal-caribbean-anuncia-suspensioacuten-global-de-cruceros/ Everyone be safe, smart and calm. We will be sailing again soon.
  11. Although many will be disappointed I am sure that what is happening Is close to worst case scenario for the cruise industry. On the bright side, from past comments, the boardwalk rooms will have a better view of the ocean, maybe the full Sabor stays and is unique. Less rooms means slightly less people. An Oasis class ship as originally intended. Just trying to stay positive as my 2 day romantic getaway on Celebrity has been cancelled.
  12. Thanks @monorailmedic for all the info. I booked the April two day cruise as a weekend get away. We are looking forward to trying Royal's sister cruise line. Thought we would wait until Diamond status to branch out but the deal and timing was perfect! Not putting the March to Diamond on hold. This is just a bonus weekend that we would not have done. 47 days and counting!!
  13. Thanks all for the comments. We have recently move to Florida so I'm thinking of booking a 2 nighter as a Valentine's day surprise gift Now just have to decide on the different cabin classes
  14. I have been on seven RC cruises and swore that I will forge ahead on RC until Diamond status. At that point with status being recognized O thought I would branch out to Celebrity. Well, the cruise bug has caught me and I am looking at 2 day get aways to carry me over until my next week long cruise. Have others been on such short cruises? Was it worth it to you? Any suggestions pro or con would.be appreciated? Thanks.
  15. Note: I love live blogging but did not during my EOS Western Caribbean 7 day cruise so I thought I could create a few review type posts... Here it goes! We always like to do something new so scootering seem like a good fit. Plus we never been completely around the island so this adventure seem to be perfect to check off both. A quick Google review let us to a local scooter rental place just off of the Town Center. Pepian rental is run by a single gentleman named Jesus. Just as the reviews said, he was helpful, friendly, and rented equipment that was top notch. We didn't haggle as we thoug
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