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  1. I hope they will add a few more for St. Thomas and San Juan! Not much to choose from for the moment At least I could book the Beach Club for Coco Bay. Also I checked whilst booking, they must have massively increased capacity. There a lot of more staterooms available then a week ago (I only checked Balconies and Suites). Markus
  2. I called Royal Caribbean on Monday asking to book a shore excursion. The agent said they are still working on it, he can already see the. I asked for pricing, his system crashed. After 45 minutes on the phone he gave up, but he said he was told the excursions will be available on Friday. Well, at least I got today notice that the timing for the 2 shore excursions I had booked prior to that mess have changed in date and time. Well, there is hope. Just not for Black Friday / Cyber Monday pricing Markus
  3. Happens to me all season! The checkout for me is a hit and miss. The only way I can get it to work is from my iPad with Firefox (works 3 out of 5). I tried different windows computers, different browsers, clearing cache, private sessions, even VPN. It does not work for me. So give it a try with your ipad. Markus
  4. I called Royal Caribbean after I noticed the change of ports of our upcoming cruise. The agent said it would take 3 -4 days until the itinerary and the shore excursions are all updated. I guess there is a lot of work behind the scenes on this one and with the holidays it may even take longer. Somewhat disappointing as we may not be able to get the discounts for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but maybe we do. I check every day twice. Markus
  5. Got confirmation from my travel agent, itinerary has changed. Supposedly the docks in Barbados and Antigua are not ready yet. Unfortunately they are still updating the shore excursions, so you can't book anything with the Black Friday pricing yet. I hope that will change in the next 2 days. Markus
  6. Itinerary changes? I checked prices today to get a baseline for the upcoming Black Friday Sale. The main itinerary shows correctly, but when looking at the shore excursions and "My Calendar" the destinations have changed. Anybody else seeing this? Markus
  7. I received emails for Royal-up bids for this sailing, prior to online check-in - just saying.
  8. Sweet, we are on it too. Looking forward after 3 years of not cruising.
  9. ... and how long will the decoration stay? We will board a cruise on 12/30. Markus
  10. I had the same issue on my booking for the Allure on December 30th. When I booked the cruise the option was there, them gone for several weeks, then it popped up for a day, but I wasn't able to book. Gone again, I booked 3 night dining, Then it showed up again or about 20 hours, I booked the UDP and canceled the 3-night after I had successfully booked. I don't know what it is the driver, but check the cruise planner daily. On a side note, you cannot book 2x 3-night packages. I tried online and through an agent. Keep looking. Markus
  11. Hi, I noticed a subtle difference in the description of the combined drink and internet packages. The "Deluxe Package and Voom" states: "this bundle includes both the Deluxe Beverage Package and the VOOM Surf + Stream - 1 Device Package. Whilst the classic Soda and Voom states "We are bundling our Classic Soda Package with VOOM® high-speed internet". So my question: what is included classic soda package: the basic internet as described as" VOOM SURF Internet Package" or does it include the "VOOM SURF + STREAM Internet Package"? Thanks Markus
  12. Hi, We had booked already shore excursions for our upcoming holiday cruise on the Allure of the Seas in December. Unfortunately 2 of our shore excursions got cancelled. My wife and I (we are in our late 50s) are debating: for St. Kitts between the Caribbean Scenic Railway Tour or the Brimstone Hill and Fairview Great House and for Barbados between Flavors of Barbados & Island Drive and Barbados Highlights Do you mind sharing your experience if you have done any of those? Thanks Markus
  13. Hi, To me it is not clear on how and why you get this on your Amex Card. My wife and I have in total 4 different American Express cards and only on one showed the offer. For me it was: spend $500, get $200 back - a no-brainer. The statement credit showed up 2 days after my purchase. I would check special offers on your cards after every billing cycle. What I have observed is that offers seem to change thereafter. Markus
  14. I would try calling a service agent, at least during these times. I don't think it was an issue prior to COVID to cancel first, and book immediately thereafter. Nowadays I am not so sure. A couple of days a go I added 3 shore excursions into my basket, took a while to add them all. As I was trying to pay, one was flagged as "sold out". If in doubt, call
  15. Hi, I had issues booking any shore excursions or dining packages through the cruise planner on the RCCI web site. I tried different browsers, laptops, cleared cache, etc. but these are the things happening to me: at the end of the checkout process when I finally submit the payment the system errors out I log into my RCCI account, and select the cruise planner and it routes to another RCCI page, where end up in another login screen and can't continue In 1 out of 5 tries I can finish my booking and checkout on my iPad Just wanted to know if I am the only one having that issue. On the positive side the RCCI agents on the phone are very helpful to book everything via phone. Markus
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