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  1. Hi everyone, I'm going to share my experience so far: I cancelled via "cruise with confidence" Vision of the Seas, 21st March 2020 The FCC vouchers have been already provided. I'm still WAITING for Taxes & fees CASH refund as agreed. Regarding the cruise planner, without any explanation RCCL refund me a lower value, I call the pre-cruise team and they acknowledge the situation and will sort it out. My advice to everyone, ALWAYS check your refunds to see if it match what you have payed and call them if something is missing. Good luck and stay pos
  2. Good point, our FCC has already been processed as voucher, but taxes and cruise planner cash returns not received yet too.
  3. Ahahah that's a good one, it's true, everyone is scared with the idea of getting on a cruise nowadays.
  4. Thanks everyone for the opinions so far and yes looks like it's better to wait until further reductions on packages Flight and Cruise, we hope to travel next March. As I said before we were excited to be travelling on Vision of the Seas-Southern Caribbean but the future cruise options at the moment are few. And about Royal Caribbean add new destinations on sailings for that time?
  5. Hi everyone, It's my first post here, I'm just looking where to spend my FCC valid until Dec.2021, on a Caribbean Sea cruise, including flights from/to London UK and looks like we/costumers are going to pay their current business non sailing. Me and my family were about to go on a Vision of the Seas, departing from San Juan on 21st March for a 7 day cruise calling 5 different ports, when this Covid19 developments forced us unfortunately to take advantage of the FCC the day before non-sailling order. Now we have to find another cruise WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO THE SAME TRIP COSTING
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