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  1. The people working on these ships are busting their butts doing whatever they can to make us comfy, happy, and entertained while working 16+ hour days, and I highly (and boy do I mean HIGHLY) doubt even half of us are even polite to them, so the very least we can do is tip. For what it's worth, I worked my way through college by waiting tables at a national chain diner where I worked 12 hour shifts not being tipped, being spit on, verbally abused, GROPED, and looked down on because "it's minimum work", so I get incredibly angry (it's been 13 years since I waited tables!) when I see this
  2. I posted this EXACT post, word for word, around a month ago: Even the subject line is the same.
  3. You will definitely make it to five years Congratulations
  4. Thank you! I got official news I was cancer free two weeks before Christmas, it was the best Christmas gift ever. So far all my follow up tests are negative, and every time I celebrate with a glass of champagne
  5. Thank you!!! I feel like I'm all set to go cruising after reading this!
  6. You would get along great with my better half, I swear sometimes I think he was born in Sineria instead of New York State.
  7. I'm an upstate New Yorker, that frigid air is every day life for a good two or three months.
  8. So pretty much stay away from the WJ . I loved your review! Thank you!! For what it's worth, I stay away from buffets for the most part too.
  9. I get what you're saying. I'm also usually a negative Nancy myself. But this isn't a usual run-of-the-mill vacation for me, my original cruise was booked to celebrate me being cancer free. I'm young, I could have easily been a statistic, and I know I'm being too positive and almost naive about The Bahamas reopening, but I have so much hope for 2021. 2019 was such a horrible year for me, 2020 took my celebration away, so now I'm keeping my fingers crossed 2021 will be absolutely epic for all of us
  10. I was originally booked for September 27-October 4 on Oasis from Bayonne, and as a first time cruiser I LOVE the itinerary. So instead of wallowing in despair of my cruise being cancelled, I'm thinking about going on Anthem with the same itinerary in February/March. Has anyone done the Anthem 7 night Bahamas cruise from Cape Liberty cruise before? What do you think of Anthem?
  11. This is fantastic news!!!! While the boyfriend is snoozing I can head out and get some snacks and fun without worrying about when and where to meet up.
  12. I got a little bit curious about the update to the app and decided to open up my upcoming Oasis sailing (in late September). Once the sailing is opened, there's a chat box in the upper right hand corner. Is this what I think it is? Oasis has chat capabilities now?
  13. What's everyone's favorite embarkation lunch?
  14. What's everyone's favorite snack foods on a ship? And what about dinner food?
  15. Hi everyone! Does anyone have any pictures of the current Vintages Menu on Oasis of the Seas? Thank you in advance!!!
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