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  1. There sure was! I think there were two bands that played in Music Hall throughout the week.
  2. Aqua 80 was, however, we never saw it on the cruise compass or in the app. There was talk in the FB group for the cruise that it was by invite only for those in C&A, which as a newbie, didn't get one. It was a bit disappointing, but I won't let something like that sour my time. We did see Cats, the adult comedy show, Frozen in Time, and we did some laser tag. There was also ice skating and the usual cruise entertainment.
  3. Unfortunately my other half threw out the Cruise Compasses I brought home
  4. Just got back today from our first cruise ever on Oasis of the Seas, and it was hands down THE BEST vacation we've taken. Thanks to Matt, all his videos I watched, and all the advice from everyone here, we were fully prepared for everything.
  5. This is truly an amazing board. I've learned so much about cruising and RC from here, I feel like I'm prepared for ours.
  6. Thank you everyone!!! I got nervous about this, I guess it's just the excitement of finally going on this cruise!!!!
  7. Has anyone had issues with their travel agents? Long story short, our cruise booklet doesn't have my husband's middle name on it, whereas his passport does. I brought this up with our TA and she told me RC doesn't want or need it. We embark in less than 3 weeks on our first cruise ever, and I don't know what to do.
  8. Thank you Matt!!!! Best response ever, by the way!
  9. Has anyone heard anything regarding the revamped Main Dining room menus? I'd love to hear when it's rolling out and what will be on the menu.
  10. The people working on these ships are busting their butts doing whatever they can to make us comfy, happy, and entertained while working 16+ hour days, and I highly (and boy do I mean HIGHLY) doubt even half of us are even polite to them, so the very least we can do is tip. For what it's worth, I worked my way through college by waiting tables at a national chain diner where I worked 12 hour shifts not being tipped, being spit on, verbally abused, GROPED, and looked down on because "it's minimum work", so I get incredibly angry (it's been 13 years since I waited tables!) when I see this. To you it may be just minimum work, but to them it's their lifeline and how they are feeding their families, and it sure as heck isn't your job to judge. And that brings me to my next point, why are we looking down on grocery store clerks?! They are essential workers where I live and are the reason why my grocery stores are open, therefore I can feed myself and my other half, and in my honest opinion, can't get paid enough considering the amount of harassment I see them get every time I get groceries the last seven months. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
  11. I posted this EXACT post, word for word, around a month ago: Even the subject line is the same. ?
  12. You will definitely make it to five years Congratulations ????
  13. Thank you! I got official news I was cancer free two weeks before Christmas, it was the best Christmas gift ever. So far all my follow up tests are negative, and every time I celebrate with a glass of champagne ?
  14. Thank you!!! I feel like I'm all set to go cruising after reading this!
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