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  1. New Random question about games and items in the arcade: My children are avid collectors of the squished penny's from the roller type machines; they typically have 4 designs to pick from and with 4 kids it works out well. To the ships in the fleet have these? This will be our first cruise so I am not sure how to answer when the question came up at dinner the other night while discussing the Cruise.
  2. I am following this topic as I think it's relevant to me. It would be a nice feature; I have 4 kids including 2 teens, We will be cruising in Dec 22; and it would be nice to add various limits to each child based on need, anticipated use, maturity, (whether or not they do their jobs leading up to the trip,) etc. The oldest will need funds if he want to play in the arcade or to buy a Mocktail; but the youngest doesn't need permissions to spend a dime as he'll be with one of the olders at every turn.
  3. This is what I see on my Cruise planner too. I was hoping for a Digital Option; but I am not seeing one, I figured I would order it early so I could save a little; also planning on using these instead of standard School pics this year for the kiddo's.- On Radiance as well around Christmas 22. Hopefully, before I sail the options will change.
  4. Just booked it and it'll be my families first cruise and first real vacation in about 10 years. Just learning about everything now and wondering how to get a comparable Cruise Compass to start dreaming and planning with the kids.
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