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  1. It’s first come first serve for time of booking. They are already assigned when you board the ship. I had a south beach bed in December and it was wonderful. But after the new beach club opens, they will be in a different location so i can’t be much help with that. It was nice to have a spot all to ourselves and not have to worry about our seats getting taken while at lunch or whatever. We had a second row bed and it was still awesome. They are staggered so you get a nice view still.
  2. Yeah that’s certainly possible. Leaving 12/6. I check prices most days and today was the first day it wasn’t there. It’s still there for the 4 nighter that I’m on right after it.
  3. Oh it wasn’t the official page. Just something someone claimed and when I noticed I could no longer buy it on mine, it raised my suspicions. I’m on Mariner in December. We’ll see I guess.
  4. I saw a post on Facebook saying there isn’t going to be the UDP for three night sailings anymore. They said royal will be refunding if people already bought it. Anyone know anything about this? I bought it for an upcoming cruise and it’s no longer showing up in cruise planner to purchase but it is showing in my purchased section. Hoping this isn’t true but I can’t find anything else about it.
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