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  1. This is very helpful. I'm not an assertive person if I'm uncomfortable or don't know someone, given that I'm actually shy and it takes effort for me not to be. So perhaps knowing this will help me to be better prepared! I am not thrilled with the idea of having no control over what I'm getting so this has been very helpful. I feel like they should at least give you the option to start off with on whether you'd prefer to choose or let them.
  2. I'm still looking for more details on the all inclusive dolphin and manatee experience in Chankanaab in Cozumel. We will have the Blue Water Sea Trek before this excursion so I have lots of questions. The Sea Trek is said to be finished at 10 and we booked the dolphin experience at 11:30. Will there still be someone at the port to take us to the next excursion or will we need to get transportation since it won't be morning? I'd also like to know what times the buffet and sea lion shows are available there? Also, it says all inclusive but it only shows unlimited drinks in conjunction with the b
  3. I am so grateful to have found this blog! It has been so helpful! Thank you so much, I am SO excited!
  4. Thank you! I was really worried with everyone getting off earlier with the key and having the chance to reserve them before we could even get there. Knowing that they are based on the time of booking is very helpful. Although, I wish there were a way to avoid having a second row bed. I'm not thrilled with spending so much money only to be possibly stuck behind a bunch of beds, even if I can still see the water between them. Did you guys leave your stuff there to explore? It'd be nice to have a way to lock stuff up like with the Cabanas. The Beach Club should be open before we get there but I t
  5. I’m curious about the CocoCay Beach Beds on South Beach. Has anyone experienced this excursion recently? We rented one for our Cruise but I can’t seem to find a lot of details. I know what all it includes but I’m not sure how it works? I know it’s first come first serve but I don’t want to get stuck with a beach bed that isn’t front row and I’m not sure how Id avoid that with so many cruises buying the key? Do I have to wait until I’m at the beach beds to secure one? And do we get to choose one or do they assign us a number? Also, is the buffet far from there?
  6. Hi Ashley, I am so excited to get to talk to others who have done these things. lol Did everyone get a chance to hold the sloths? Also, did they take photos or just allow you to take photos? I've seen a few videos of the monkeys diving down peoples shirts! I wasn't thrilled with how many people they seemed to take in at one time but I'm still super excited. I wish I could get some feed back on the other excursions too.
  7. I'm still new to this site so I'm not sure if I'm responding correctly?! haha I just hit Quote under your response. Thank you so much for that link! That is very helpful! The Roatan tour we booked is the Daniel Johnson's Monkey/Sloth Hangout but we booked it through Royal Caribbean and it was labeled as the Accessible Roatan Monkey, Sloth And Iguana Interaction. We looked at doing the Gumbalima Preservation Park excursion which would have been cheaper, but it didn't look like we'd get as much interaction which we all really wanted. And besides that, we will spend the previous day in Cozum
  8. We will be sailing on Harmony of the Seas soon and I'm wondering if anyone has a recent itinerary they can share for any special events we may need to prepare for? Also any reviews on recent experiences with any of the extra excursions or restaurants we plan to try? We plan to try Wonderland for the first time so if anyone has eaten there recently, how was that? We also plan to try Jamie's and Izumi. Our shore excursions will consist of a beach bed on South Beach in CocoCay, Sea Trek in Cozumel as well as the all inclusive dolphin and manatee experience, and the monkey, sloth, and iguana inte
  9. This is our second cruise and we recently purchased the all digital photo package. Does that include all photos taken or are some only in print form? We didn't even stop to look at our photos over our last cruise so that we wouldn't be tempted to buy anything. I'm not sure how it works exactly. Is there often a photographer roaming the ship for random photos? I don't remember ever seeing one. My best friend and I are taking our 18 year old daughters this time so we'd like to make sure to get some good photos but we don't always want to be standing in lines either. Also, do they provide a USB f
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