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  1. A couple of questions after reading all the praise for MEI; it has me wondering if I should switch to them. We have used CruCon in the pass and they offer OBC for repeat users. To those that have used both, how does MEI and CruCon compare? Does MEI offer benefits to repeat customers? Can I transfer my current cruise to MEI from CruCon and is it worth it if I loose my OBC?
  2. Anyone try using the luggage valet that they offer? I have a flight out of Orlando at 11:30 on Southwest and can not find any info if that flight would qualify for the valet service. We also have a shuttle booked through GoPort. We have walked off in the past and it wasn't a issue, but we always have had a lot later flight time.
  3. Going on a cruise in Feb. On Harmony out of Port Canaveral. We were wondering what is earliest flight time allowable to use the luggage valet program? We have never use this program before and were hoping to save some time doing so. Our flight leaves at 11:30 AM on Southwest.
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