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  1. Hi All, My wife and I are going on the Wonder of the Seas Thursday June 23rd and are wondering what the best option is to get from FCO airport to Civitavecchia Cruise port. We were looking online and found some private cars for 95 dollars a person or a taxi for 160 euros. Any services or websites anyone recommends us to book from would be really helpful! Thank you!!
  2. This is just what the representative from royal has told me and I am relaying the information! I do not know the logic behind it / if it’s 100% true! Take it with a grain of salt if you will ! ?
  3. According to a booking agent from royal, if the room is showing sold out they still have separate rooms on hold for royal up bids! So not all hope is lost!
  4. Hi all, I just got notified 3 days before my sailing on Mariner that my upgrade bid has been accepted! I booked an interior stateroom for me and my fiancée and placed a bid for 135 a person. That bid was accepted and now we are in a balcony room!! That was also a “weak” bid on their bid meter!
  5. Quick question, can you use the Royal Caribbean App on the ship without purchasing the WiFi package?
  6. It would also say “obstructed balcony room” when you are booking it. That obstruction is usually the life boats!
  7. We took this photo of a NCL ship we saw while on a catamaran excursion in St Kitts!
  8. I purchased the all day CoCoCay water park pass for 59 dollars a person last week! The next day on a Monday it went up to 131 per person! I got lucky!
  9. Hi I am sailing on Mariner out of Port Canaveral next month. If my boarding time says 1pm is that a suggested time? If I show up at 11 will I have to sit in the terminal for 2 hours?
  10. Does anyone know if WoW bands are now being used in the new Mariner of the Seas?
  11. What is the best way to get to the Cruise port from the air port and vise versa? Is Uber the way to go here?
  12. Yes we will def be carrying off our own luggage!
  13. Thanks Matt! Yes, the ship docks at 7am in port Canaveral and I have a 10:40am flight from Orlando.
  14. If my cruise docks at 7am what is an estimate of how soon I can get off?
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