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  1. So you can save money on cruises as well?
  2. What sales (if any) should I expect to see on Black Friday? I've read about drink packages, but is anything else priced better on Black Friday?
  3. What exactly is VOOM? I assume it is the onboard wifi, but how exactly does it work?
  4. My apologies for the confusion on this. Our boys will not be traveling with us on the ship. We are wondering how we'll stay in contact with them while we are sailing and they are home. If possible, we'd prefer to actually call them as opposed to texting or video chatting. Does Anthem have cell service when it is out of port? If so is it available anywhere on the ship or only in certain areas? I don't believe there is a VPN client? Once I have an internet connection, I click on my network icon on my task bar, the network sidebar opens, and there is an option for VPN. I click that and click connect, and then it connects directly to my corporate server. I apologize for my ignorance on this, but hopefully I've answered this question?
  5. Upfront info: wife and I cruising on Anthem from NJ. Either in a Junior or Grand Suite. Moody likely 7 or 8 day Florida and Bahamas. 1. What other costs will I have in addition to the total price the website shows me (assuming we do NOT buy any items including food and beverages that are an extra cost)? 2. Can we bring a fan that plugs in with a regular power cord (for white noise)? 3. Can we bring a power extension cord? 4. We both use Galaxy Note 8's through Verizon for cell phones. What are our options for talking to our kids (12 y/o with a cell phone and 6 y/o) who will be staying with my technology hindered parents? 5. I will have my laptop and may need to VPN in to work. Is this possible, and what is the best method (Wifi vs direct network cable vs cell hotspot vs ?)? 6. What other questions should I have?
  6. This is me also. I've never cruised but would so like to try one. I had a prescription for the patch in the past but never tried it as I read it had Sulfa in it, and I'm allergic to Sulfa (at least I was when I was younger, would get a rash). I think I'm just going to have to go and see what happens!
  7. This sounds exactly like staying Deluxe at WDW. Once you do, it is so hard going to a Mod or Value resort!
  8. Yes, $1,500 total more for two of us. We're mostly interested in having access to places that are not crowded. Is that possible with just JS?
  9. Thanks for the replies. Looks like it would be a difference of approx $1,500 between the Junior Suite and the Grand Suite. Do you feel that the extra perks are worth the extra cost?
  10. Hi all. I'm new to this site, as well as cruising in general. I saw a referral for this site from the disneytouristblog website so I thought I'd check it out. My wife and I are considering a 7 day on the Anthem from NJ, and I'm wondering what exactly are the "perk" differences between the Junior Suites and the Grand Suites 1 BR? I'm not so much as looking for information about the footprint and furniture/furnishings of the room, more so the other "stuff" like priority boarding, lounge access, priority seating at the shows, etc, and if any/all of these are worth it.
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