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  1. I do not see it there.. but when you look on the screen where it shows your room, it shows the Muster Station there. I am not sure if it showed it there before or not.. I am on the Harmony in March 15 too 🙂
  2. Here are 2 good blogs. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/02/10/8-things-you-should-know-about-the-coco-beach-club-you-go https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/podcast/episode-340-coco-beach-club-live-review
  3. Here is the post that I was referring to 🙂 "We did the Guac class on Harmony on the 1/26/20 sailing just a few weeks ago. We booked three of us, including our son, who LOVES guacamole. We were a bit disappointed to find out that the class isn't participation at all, it's basically a demonstration. No one from the class will actually make guac, you'll watch the waiter at your table make it, and then they give you the recipe to take home after. You do get all the guac, a great meal and a margarita out of it, so for the fee it's still worth it in that sense. Had I paid more attention to the description I probably would have known this going in to it, so I don't blame Royal at all, we had just hoped it was something different and didn't realize it. "
  4. I have not personally done it but I saw someone else posted the same question. I think they said that it wasnt a hands on thing. You watched the person make it, learned how to make it and then given the recipe.
  5. Dont shoot the messenger LOL I do not know the details behind this -- someone posted this on FB so I thought I would pass it on.
  6. I agree with Matt. Anytime I have gotten a refund- no matter what the reason, they have always said 5-7 business days. 🙂
  7. I am a mom of 2... married... and I work full time... I think most of us moms can relate! I am going on a cruise in April with my best friend to celebrate our 40th birthdays. We are SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to not cooking, to not constantly hearing "mom mom mom mom" ... or the kids fighting... or even the opportunity to go to the bathroom by myself LOL This cruise will be all about relaxing and having some drinks.. and enjoying someone wait on me for a change LOL I LOVE the idea of room service too! Thats one reason to get a balcony room- a meal with a view 🙂
  8. I am in the process. But I also want to make sure she isn’t trying to surprise me either. Lol I don’t want to fuss at someone if it really isn’t screwed up. But I think it is. They didn’t see the thing that I ordered- but I could. I got the email confirmation and I could see it in my planner. It’s so strange. I was also trying to buy a Royal gift and it kept telling me that my reservation couldn’t be found. So so so strange. This is not the type of glitch I like. Lol
  9. I dont know what RC is doing- other than stressing me out right now .. Has anyone ever ordered royal gifts, get a confirmation stating it was ordered-- and then get another email a few days later having different items on it? Well, I have! I do not know what is going on by it is really bothering me . I am going on a cruise in April to celebrate my BFF's 40th bday (and mine) and I was trying to surprise her with a few things. Well, now I am having to ruin the surprise because I have to ask my friend if she has gone into the reservation and ordered anything or made changes.. This is so stupid! LOL
  10. Its ok.. 🙂 We still ❤️ you LOL
  11. It is possible that certain areas that require passes are sold out. I believe that the Thrill Park section has a capacity of 1900 or so.... and the CocoBeach Club has a capacity of 450. If you see it sold out in your cruise planner- keep checking, I have seen sold out items become available again... or once you are on board, you can ask. But admission to the island itself is free. There are several beach areas and a pool area that are complimentary as well.
  12. You can call RC Customer Service and request that you only purchase 1 package since he does not drink.
  13. Why cant my cruises ever be part of a glitch .... let me rephrase that- a beneficial to the cruiser glitch. LOL I wouldnt want a glitch to mess anything up 🙂
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