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  1. I also want to add that as someone from a restaurant industry background I like to tip a bit better but have no experience. Who receives the auto-gratuity and how much should I tip room attendants?
  2. On Oasis departing this Sunday for our first cruise? Any last minute tips or hints? I feel like I have done a lot of research but still have that "did I pack everything?" feeling. Does the app have luggage tags? I thought I read that...
  3. Yea we have done the drive over before. It is much better than having to deal with I-4 driving to Orlando...
  4. I just read lots of reviews for other suggested lots and there are tons of security issues apparently. Classic Miami. We will be paying to park at port. Thanks everyone.
  5. How much is port parking? I figured it would cost something like $140 for a week and I feel like I should be paying about half that.
  6. First cruise on March 1 out of Miami on Oasis. We are going to drive from where we live(St Petersburg) at around 7am and get to Miami around 10-10:30am. What are the best places to park in terms of price for a week, close enough to cruise terminal so that Uber won't take forever, etc. Also, us getting to Miami at 10:30am and having to park and uber to terminal, we should be fine right?
  7. We have the highest drink package for Oasis of the Seas but I think I read milkshakes at Johnny Rockets are not included. What about craft beers at Playmakers? Are there any other drinks we can't get with this package? - Matt
  8. Hello! First time cruiser on the Oasis March 1st. I feel like I am doing a decent amount of research in terms of what to do and not do but still a bit worried, so I will probably be posting on these boards a few times this month. My first question: do cruises offer free room upgrades at check-in the same way a hotel might? We booked a basic interior room with the thought process that we won't be spending a ton of time in there, but I was just curious if this happens on cruises as well. Thank you. -Matt
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