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  1. Picture doesn't matter.....My wife and daughter both got expedited and I only uploaded one of their photos.....that was in September so things could have changed.
  2. Not normally, but I've heard the request has been granted before; so all you can do is ask staff once you are onboard
  3. If you can manipulate it so that there is always someone from the purchasing stateroom in every photo, then you only need 1 package per family.
  4. I have connecting rooms for an upcoming Symphony sailing that I didn't even want. We have 2 adjoining OV balconies so the connecting door wasn't necessary because the balcony dividers could be removed. It didn't come up when I did a mock booking but my when my TA finalized my repricing he grabbed those cabins. It is for us but not sure if that is the always the case That is the case for our booking...2 different categories. Four kids in one room and my wife & I in the other.
  5. Wait...say what?? I've read the T&C before and know my eyes are getting worse with age but didn't see that anywhere.
  6. I vaguely remember reading they were getting rid of them but can't say for sure. Last ship I saw them on was Allure and not sure if it'll be taken out on the revamp
  7. I used to know this...I think it was $25
  8. I just read, in another forum, that on Anthem and Oasis that they have regrouped the ages and this is going to be implemented fleet-wide. Apparently Oasis has totally revamped their kids program and combined the 6-8's and 9-11's and added the 12 year old kids as well. They are also regrouping the teens to be 13-17. I know in the past they would combine ages if there weren't enough kids but this was not the case. Is there anyone that has some insight on this?
  9. Thanks...I can never remember that port
  10. Completely random as far as any of us can tell. In my own research I've discovered (for now) it won't be granted unless scanning a passport.
  11. Some Caribbean ports are now requiring passports so you need to check. But with that being said, you don't need to have a passport on closed loop cruises but it is highly recommended to have it in case of issues that may arise when outside the country. We currently only have and use BC's for all my kids under 18.
  12. Keep checking in case a better slot opens up
  13. Then I'm stumped. Is there anything different in the description or terms and conditions?
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