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  1. I don't think they'll be any that are 'free' but many had a basic cover charge. We went to Paradise Beach and you just had to purchase (I believe) $10 minimum food/drink per person. Just a cab ride over and back and that's a pretty inexpensive way to chill at the beach.
  2. The photographers are probably contracted through Royal just like the designer shops but the company in charge of it all is called The Image Group
  3. Thanks for pointing that out. My 2nd oldest will be turning 15 so I need to capitalize on the lower rate before we sail next year.
  4. As the others have shown is listed under Internet and more. However it sometimes doesn't show up until closer to your sail date. Mine did not show up until I was within 30 days
  5. You have to remember it's a 3rd party company not Royal. With that being said on our last sailing, I was told photos will be printed on demand only.
  6. I didn't see this as an option and don't think that they would offer it. Good question though.
  7. Putting it in your cart does not lock it in. You have to complete the purchase
  8. Even with most one post wonders, I can understand coming into a place to "vent" where others may have experienced something similar and/or can relate. But having already made up their minds about the company, and then lurk around the boards waiting for that one specific post that coincides with their experience, makes no sense. I already spend way too much time online looking up stuff I'm interested in.....definitely don't have time to troll.
  9. Is it just me or has anyone noticed that some members that have said they will never sail with Royal again, it's usually their first and only post and that post is always towards the tail end of a topic, that they didn't even create.....but yet they are on a Royal Caribbean based forum.
  10. I don't think you realized there are 3 arcades on Allure.....there are way more than 10 games. You must have only gone to the one inside Adventure Ocean. That being said, it's still a waste of money. The games ranged from $1.50-$3.50 but the majority were $2.00 each. The issue that I had were some of the games didn't work when swiping your Seapass. Came to find out it was billing us but the games weren't starting. I easily got credited back at Guest Services because I kept track of how many games they had actually played.
  11. I shared my package with 2 other passengers and after a day or two of getting knocked off I sent a message to both explaining to logoff before logging on another device and didn't have any issues afterwards. But it absolutely can be a pain if you're not expecting it. Still isn't enough to keep from not doing again because I still saved a good chunk. Plus I know if I really need access I can knock them off and they can log back in.
  12. Is that the end of this year or next year?
  13. Yep, came from the other site like this one but with the grumpy people 😁
  14. I'm talking out loud here but maybe it's possible for you to reach out to your Roll Call group to see if anyone (a party of 2) wants to share the cost of a Cabana with you so you can get their wristbands? Based on the conversation, you only needed the wristbands for access so that your family can join you at your cabana. Plus you said there would only be 1-3 of you there at a time. Offer them $10-$25 per wristband or whatever you think is fair. They've already paid anyway so it's just money back for them. You'll save them money and you wouldn't need to pay for a wasted cabana.
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