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  1. Last time I checked the chat feature was only available on Allure and Harmony for now. Push notifications are now enabled but I don't think they are 100% reliable
  2. I've never eaten breakfast in the MDR; probably because we've always cruised with other couples. I planned on trying it this cruise so thanks for informing there's a buffet in there as well.
  3. What time did you arrive at the terminal?
  4. I figured since the passport provides verified info, they were going by that criteria I was going to upload her picture before we sailed anyway, just so that it was done, even though I know they'll do it at the port.
  5. One of them got it without her photo which is why i figured it was more probable due to her having a passport
  6. I gave up trying to figure it out. I started our check-ins with the app but finished them all via computer. My wife and daughter got expedited arrival but the rest of us didn't . The only similarities are that my wife and daughter both have their passports as the rest of us do not.
  7. @Marmaduke might be referring to Expected Arrival...isn't that the only benefit being offered by checking in using the app?
  8. If her phone is not in airplane mode she will be using data. Some don't realize apps, emails. etc use your phone's data and it doesn't take long to accumulate charges. You might want to try to talk her out of AT&T service as it's not going to be cost-efficient and a waste of money. You may as well use that money towards a 2-device VOOM package to appease her.
  9. I've gotten so used to referring to the boards for answers that I didn't think about RCI FAQ. It says you do keep prior perks.
  10. If we do go ahead with the upgrade, say from Boardwalk Balcony to Ocean View Balcony, we loose the perks that come with the BB room right?
  11. From what I've been reading online waivers are no longer available. I was able to do it before they stopped, so will find out in September if I'll have to do it again once onboard.
  12. As was I for our kids....Maybe some of the ships are different when it comes to minors? Out of curiosity, which ship are you sailing on, if you don't mind me asking?
  13. I was thinking that may have to be done but didn't want to throw it out there not having experiencing it myself....thanks for the verification.
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