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  1. Nothing you can do beforehand. Once you are onboard go to the Photo people and have them link your staterooms. Too make it easier to manage, whenever you have photos taken, they will ask what stateroom; so just give the same stateroom number every-time.
  2. You cannot make any reservations with the app until you are connected to the ships WiFi
  3. I had just read it somewhere a few days ago but dismissed it because there'd only be 6 of us. UPDATE: I just found some RCI marketing literature and the group photo pricing plans start at 16 people but I would assume they are talking about group photos taken that Royal would normally charge for and not necessarily the amount of people forming a "group".
  4. Did Voom retain the price you had originally purchased it for?
  5. It's supposed to be within 7-10 days....it'll be a link to your photo album. At that point you can download them.
  6. Based on their disclaimer you can but they know the charges can be extreme and out of their control. I see you setting yourself up for a large bill. You can't control who calls you, nor the data that comes to your phone if you have it connected to a cell tower. Data will continuously come via emails and apps so I advise you to either not use your pone while on-board or purchase an internet plan. Current Black Friday prices are decent so snag one while you can.
  7. Okay so if you put the photo package on your wife's cabin, it will not include any photos of just alone. You'll have to take pictures with at least one of the kids or your wife. It doesn't link adults staying in another stateroom, but will include any photos of your kids regardless of the cabin they're staying in. The photos can be in 2 sizes (not of your choosing) but all I've ever gotten were 8x10's. If you purchased the all inclusive prints, then you are entitled to all prints containing members of the purchasing cabin. If you purchased the all inclusive digital you'll get no prints but they can be printed in any size you want after you've downloaded them.
  8. On Allure a couple of months ago the Photo Focus guy said they were going to start not printing them unless asked.
  9. Apparently they have been either reprogramming them and ignoring the muster assignments or they have been allowing you to swap them out
  10. I would have your son put the photo package under his name. This way it will cover him and everyone in his stateroom. It will also cover any of HIS children up to the age of 21 regardless of the stateroom they're in. All you would have to do is make sure you are in a photo with anyone in your son's cabin or his children. When they asked for the cabin number, my wife always gave them ours and never the one of the kids. Thinking about it afterwards, it ensures they all ended up under my name even though the kids cabin was linked and would have been included anyway.
  11. I don't ever plan on having that much OBC left over, if anything, because with 6 of us $600 always goes towards gratuities. I know they use non-refundable first so I was just curious if that was able to be taken out via the slots in the casino like the refundable can be. The refundable OBC does go back to the card as you mentioned.
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