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  1. I believe the after-hour charge is $7 per hour per child. I'm guessing that has to be arranged ahead of time because I've read if you don't pick them up by 10 o'clock, it's a dollar per minute charge per child; but they don't start charging until the 16th minute.
  2. If you book in advance you'll usually catch a $5.99/day special...otherwise it can be $13/day if you wait until you get there.
  3. Sorry Matt, I had started answering on my phone but never sent it
  4. My items have stayed in there until I remove them or make the purchase. Keep in mind just because they are in the cart doesn't mean that price is locked in. If RCI changes the price it will be reflected when you make the purchase or the website will give you an error.
  5. Mine uses software that alerts when there's a price reduction but I've caught a couple reductions that my TA didn't so being self diligent is definitely best.
  6. You are able to get additional keys to open the cabins. Just an FYI, I have an upcoming sailing on Allure and I have my kids (5,8,14, and 19) in an interior cabin with my wife and I directly across the hall in a outside balcony. I thought I was going to have to split my wife and myself apart but my TA said as long as the kids are within a cabin or two, they can be in their own cabin. That's how I'm currently booked so I know it can be done.
  7. He will be able to leave and return the ship on his own
  8. Price just went back down today at $49 for my September 1 Allure sailing
  9. Since this topic was revived, does anyone know if they still hand out lanyards for the kids in Adventure Ocean?
  10. According to Royal, the age you are at the beginning of the cruise will be the age you are considered the duration of the cruise but I believe once they turn 21 you can go to guest services and have them update the Seapass card indicating she is able to drink.
  11. Happy Fathers Day @OrlandoDad. I was wondering how early you'd end up leaving this morning. I'll be curious to see how you make out so don't forget us 😂
  12. I'd go the times in cruise planner. When they updated the itinerary due the Azipod issues, the times in my cruise planner were adjusted. Information on the App keeps changing and probably won't be correct until you get on-board, and even then still not 100% matching the cruise compass.
  13. Like @Hoski said, utilizing Royal's drop off service will probably be your easiest solution. Since you planned on coming back to the port to retrieve your luggage, you could try https://bagstogo.net/baggage-storage/
  14. That was sort of going to be my plan of action.....glad to hear that it should work. Thanks for the input.
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