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  1. I'm in the same boat (literally LOL). I really hope things are better by then. I have waited for so long for this!
  2. I’ve never cruised before, but from what I’ve read, that is their rules and you can’t get around it.
  3. So excited for my first cruise! 😬 Sorry, I just had to get it out! 😜
  4. I'm using Brock to help me with my first cruise and he has been awesome! [email protected]
  5. What was your winning bid? I have a large ocean view balcony and considered using RoyalUp to try to get a Jr. Suite on Oasis this summer.
  6. I've read many places that chairs by the pool are hard to come by because people save them. Would I be allowed to bring my own fold up chair instead? I've attached a pic to show what kind I'm referring to.
  7. The kids already have the passport card. Their dad got it for them, not me. They traveled (by car) to Canada a few years ago.
  8. I have a 7 night Bahamian cruise on Oasis of the Seas booked for the beginning of June. While checking prices, I found a 9 night early June Canada/New England Cruise on Adventure of the Seas for about $550 cheaper. It will be me and my 2 kids (12 and 16). I know Adventure is a lot smaller than Oasis, but I'm torn, and keep going back and forth. Either itinerary would be ok with me. Part of me feels more comfortable that AoS ports are in the US and Canada, but another part of me would like to see Coco Cay. Then I think that the weather might be nice (milder) with the AoS cruise, but think we can experience more new things in the Bahamas. As you can see, I am indecisive. For one positive I come up with for one, I come up with one for the other. Same with negatives. Has anyone been on both ships or done both itineraries? This will be our first ever cruise. I have a refundable deposit, so I won't loose any money to switch. Please help! 😆
  9. Here is a blog post about them. 🙂 https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2016/07/26/royal-caribbeans-junior-suites-what-you-need-know
  10. I have questions about child passports and can't seem to find answers anywhere. My kids already have current passport cards (not booklets). Will that be good enough or are they better off having the booklets? I have a regular passport booklet, and it will just be the 3 of us. Another questions is if it is recommended that they get the booklet, do we have to go through the entire passport process, as if they didn't have anything? Or is there an easier process since they have the cards already?
  11. June 7, 2020 on Oasis of the Seas
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