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  1. I have a cruise scheduled for June 2021 and decided to cancel the cabana. Does anyone know how long those refunds are taking? I'm hoping it's not as long as a cruise refund ?. Has anyone cancelled an excursion recently?
  2. June 11 2021 Oasis of the Seas
  3. Do you have a good middle of the road brand that you recommend?
  4. When going on a cruise, do you prefer hard or soft sided luggage and why? Any brands you love or hate? I need to buy some new luggage, so I'm trying to get all the opinions I can. I prefer to get something that will last a long time. Thanks!
  5. What are the differences between the South Beach cabana and the Chill Island cabana? Both are the same price, so I'm not sure which to go with.
  6. Not anymore. I called RC to verify and my agent called after to confirm. You no longer have to put a deposit down until final payment date or May 31, whichever comes first. ? That helped me out a ton!
  7. I realize rules are always changing. I was just clarifying about the deposit, not the OBC. ?
  8. I just called Royal to verify, and this isn't accurate. The remaining deposit amount would be refunded.
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused LOL
  10. Are you saying that I won't get the full 125% FCC? My agent said that I had to put a deposit down on the new cruise before the FCC can be added.
  11. Since my June sailing got cancelled, I'm going to put a new deposit down on an August sailing. The FCC will cover the cost of the new cruise, so my agent said we could request a refund of that deposit ($750). Instead of requesting a refund, can I use it in the cruise planner or as OBC?
  12. How is cruising during Spring Break? I'm thinking about what I'll do if my June 2020 cruise is cancelled. I am considering Spring Break time (March 21 on a 7 day on Allure). Will I regret it?
  13. I'm in the same boat (literally LOL). I really hope things are better by then. I have waited for so long for this!
  14. I’ve never cruised before, but from what I’ve read, that is their rules and you can’t get around it.
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