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  1. Symphony of the Seas on April 18- we are still going as long as RC doesn’t cancel. Keeping our fingers crossed. Even if we can’t dock anywhere and we just sail around the ocean for a week I’d still go haha!
  2. We are leaving on symphony on Saturday 4/18. We are flying into Orlando the night before and driving to Miami. What is the earliest we can arrive at the port? Even if we can’t check in yet- we don’t mind waiting around. Just trying to avoid getting a hotel for what would only be ~6 hours or so. thanks!
  3. Yes I know that. I’m just making the point that someone who may only drink a glass of wine at dinner, doesn’t drink coffee or soda pop, that a deluxe package or a refreshment package isn’t really needed and a waste of money for her. But if I want the deluxe package she would have to get it. I’m thinking I may get the punch card. It won’t be the deluxe package but it will save me from worrying about “how much have I spent” if I were to pay/drink.
  4. right now the refreshment package is priced at $22 a day. I’ll keep watching the cruise planner to see if the price drops. It’s a 7 night cruise so $22 plus gratuity/ day can add up for someone who mostly drinks water and has an occasional glass of wine. thank you for your post
  5. Hello! I just spent the last 75 minutes on the phone with Royal Caribbean trying to purchase a deluxe beverage package for myself. My mother who is also cruising with me doesn't drink more than 1-2 drinks a day AT THE MOST and receives free drinks from the casino bar. She does not need a deluxe beverage package so RC said that she can get a refreshment package instead. The problem is she wont utilize this package either. She doesn't drink coffee/coffee drinks, she wont drink the juices and if she really wanted any other drink she'll just pay for it out of pocket. The problem is, RC won't
  6. Does staying in a junior suite give you access to the reserved pool deck chairs?
  7. Hey Chris! I watch your videos on YouTube and I think you do a wonderful job!! I have a casino question for you! I have earned free drinks while in the casino for my next cruise but I’m wondering if I’m able to pay for some kind of upgrade to Include the rest of the ship? I know I can get a deluxe beverage package but if I’m already getting free drinks in the casino is there a way to extend that to the whole ship for a lower price?
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