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  1. Is there anything in your order history? If for some reason the times are no longer there, I'm pretty sure all the desired times will have been taken. Since they don't really adhere to the selected times (which is why it's so flexible), just pick any time; this way you won't have to stand in the non-reservation line.
  2. I'm never prompted to login so would assume it's always logged in until you physically sign out. Even when closing and reopening the app, it brings me back as being logged in.
  3. I just checked Quantum of the Seas and all the Oasis class ships and so for the only ship that it worked for has been Symphony.
  4. Make sure you got the latest update which came out Thursday. I'll start loading other sailings to confirm but Symphony is one for sure.
  5. It was definitely from the update. I just updated and I'm now am able to see it on other ships. I'm pretty sure the muster stations are already pre-determined by the cabin categories. Plus the location is also listed on the back of your cabin door so I can't see that continually changing.
  6. I'm not sure if this popped up on the latest update but it appears that the app will now show you your muster stations. This was posted in a FB group by Dean Bailey. I would have never known because I'm still too far out to check-in or see my assigned muster station.
  7. Also, if you look at the top of the page next to the order history tab it shows your amount available.
  8. If your kids are under 21 it will include them without you or your wife having to be in the picture.....just make sure to link the cabins with the photo people
  9. ULTIMATE ABYSS℠ Height Restriction: 44'' minimum Weight Restriction: 330 lbs. maximum
  10. When you use the Royal app to check-in and have met all the requirements, you may receive expedited arrival. It basically means that you can skip the check-in process at the terminal and head straight to the boarding area. When you get to the terminal, there is a dedicated line for those that have it. If it wasn’t granted to everyone in your reservation, let the person that does have it go through first and everyone else follow. Usually they will let all members in your reservation join you, but some have been told they cannot. Selection is completely random and is not granted to everyone. I haven’t heard of anyone getting it by using a birth certificate and as far as I can tell, you can only get expedited arrival when passports are scanned. It is only available in certain ports and not available on every ship.
  11. Whatever age they are at the time of embarkation is the age they are considered for the entire length of the cruise. However, I have heard of 21 year olds getting the restriction lifted on their birthday for the remainder of the cruise, so it's not a no in all cases. If you are able to get it done it's definitely not going to go into effect until the day of their birthday.
  12. Picture doesn't matter.....My wife and daughter both got expedited and I only uploaded one of their photos.....that was in September so things could have changed.
  13. Not normally, but I've heard the request has been granted before; so all you can do is ask staff once you are onboard
  14. If you can manipulate it so that there is always someone from the purchasing stateroom in every photo, then you only need 1 package per family.
  15. I have connecting rooms for an upcoming Symphony sailing that I didn't even want. We have 2 adjoining OV balconies so the connecting door wasn't necessary because the balcony dividers could be removed. It didn't come up when I did a mock booking but my when my TA finalized my repricing he grabbed those cabins. It is for us but not sure if that is the always the case That is the case for our booking...2 different categories. Four kids in one room and my wife & I in the other.
  16. Wait...say what?? I've read the T&C before and know my eyes are getting worse with age but didn't see that anywhere.
  17. I vaguely remember reading they were getting rid of them but can't say for sure. Last ship I saw them on was Allure and not sure if it'll be taken out on the revamp
  18. I used to know this...I think it was $25
  19. I just read, in another forum, that on Anthem and Oasis that they have regrouped the ages and this is going to be implemented fleet-wide. Apparently Oasis has totally revamped their kids program and combined the 6-8's and 9-11's and added the 12 year old kids as well. They are also regrouping the teens to be 13-17. I know in the past they would combine ages if there weren't enough kids but this was not the case. Is there anyone that has some insight on this?
  20. Thanks...I can never remember that port
  21. Completely random as far as any of us can tell. In my own research I've discovered (for now) it won't be granted unless scanning a passport.
  22. Some Caribbean ports are now requiring passports so you need to check. But with that being said, you don't need to have a passport on closed loop cruises but it is highly recommended to have it in case of issues that may arise when outside the country. We currently only have and use BC's for all my kids under 18.
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